Sports consumption becomes new fashion

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"Good Body" brings new business opportunities

Dong Fei

The intersection of spring and summer is the good time of exercise and fitness. Under the trend of continuous upgrading of health needs, "good spirit" and "good body" are equal to people's general pursuit.

From the overall situation of sports consumption, balls are the most popular way of sports. The ball movement that many people participated can not only achieve the purpose of fitness, but also meet the needs of social interaction, so they are widely favored. In addition, riding, fishing, and hiking in the gentle spring breeze is also a very popular way of sports.

From the perspective of consumption trends, the consumption segmentation of sports products is becoming more and more obvious. Some products with local parts and clear training targets have become explosive models, such as to twist the waist machine with fat -burning fat, flying pillar sticks that improve their arms, beautiful legs with legs, bouncing and jumping device for high training. It has grown at high speed.

At the same time, with the emergence of professional sports venues and the popularization of niche fitness equipment, sports products will further develop to segmented. On the one hand, the sports scenes are more diverse. House sports such as yoga and dances that can be carried out in the living room and bedrooms are favored by consumers because they are not restricted by traditional outdoor sports venues. For example, the recent fire of the fire on the Internet has triggered a family fitness situation in the home -based home -based home, and has also led to the sales growth of related sports products.

On the other hand, in order to make exercise more secure and comfortable, and achieve effect bonus, many consumers pay attention to the purchase of supporting equipment. Different people have different preferences for sports, and the supporting equipment and protective gear purchased are also different. Based on the demands of various consumer groups, enterprises should further improve product quality and related services.

In addition, there are natural sports and leisure resources across the country, such as ice and snow in the northeast, the ocean of East China, mountains in the southwest, grassland in the northwest, and water villages in South China. These special resources also cultivate different sports preferences of consumers in different regions. All localities can thoroughly explore leisure and play resources that combine the natural environment and sports, expand the audience of sports and fitness, and allow more people to participate.

With the continuous heating up of the national fitness boom and the consumption demands of different groups, the continuous expansion of sports and fitness scenes will further drive sports consumption to form a new growth point, bringing new opportunities to the sports industry.

(The author is a senior researcher at JD Consumption and Industrial Development Research Institute)

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