Campus Ice and Snow Sports Future Expired

With the development and application of new materials and new equipment, the threshold for ice hockey is decreasing, attracting more young people to participate. In the snowy season of the "Heart to Winter Olympics" on the campus of Hebei Province in 2021, students from Shijiazhuang Bridge West Foreign Language Primary School showed people the charm of land ice hockey. The popularity of ice hockey in primary and secondary school physical education allows children to easily experience the fun of ice and snow sports.

Young people are the vital army to "drive 300 million people to participate in the ice and snow sports". Promoting ice and snow entering the campus can not only improve the number and quality of the ice and snow population, consolidate the foundation of the development of the ice and snow competition project in my country, but also drive the participation of the society and drive the development of the ice and snow industry. The collision on the snow and ice can also help young people to refine the fine quality of hard work and hard work, and establish an optimistic spiritual belief. Seeing the changes brought by the learning ice hockey, a parent lamented: "Ice and snow sports can exercise both the body, but also to temper the child's will and enhance the team consciousness."

In recent years, primary and secondary schools in various places have actively launched ice and snow activities, which has greatly broaden the participation of ice and snow sports. At present, more than 4,000 schools nationwide have carried out ice and snow specialty activities. Since the success of Beijing's Shendong Olympics, nearly 15 million students have participated in the ice and snow competitions, training and other activities. It is also necessary to see that ice and snow sports have high requirements for natural conditions and infrastructure, and ice and snow entering the campus requires solution to the site, equipment, teachers and other problems. At present, primary and secondary schools in various places have explored a lot of experience, and it is worth further summarizing and promoting.

Ice and snow sports need to reduce the threshold for ice and snow sports. Nowadays, primary and secondary schools in various places will actively apply the results of the drought of ice and snow sports while creating conditions for creating conditions to slip and stepping on real snow. Ice and snow sports. In addition, the promotion of ice and snow culture is also the meaning of ice and snow entering the campus. Carrying out the ice and snow knowledge competition and encouraging the creation of related prose paintings, the ice and snow cultural activities ignite more enthusiasm for young people to participate in the ice and snow sports.

Promoting ice and snow sports cannot be "cut". For different needs and different foundations of children at different ages, Ice and Snow Course should also strive to be more diverse and form a gradient. From transitional classes such as roller skating, snow carts to basic courses such as skiing, ice hockey, and upgrading classes such as real ice speed skating and skating. The reasonable teaching system is conducive to more adolescents from "toddler" to "ease of swords", Really becoming the enthusiast of ice and snow sports. Outside the basic courses, holding more community activities and competitions will help tap and cultivate professional talents, and inject new forces into the healthy development of the ice and snow sports industry in my country.

Elementary and secondary schools must "practice internal skills" and "outer force". Data show that ice and snow sports venue facilities are still mainly concentrated in professional places outside the school. There are not many sports teachers in primary and secondary schools with ice and snow sports skills. At present, some schools cooperate with professional clubs to organize students to conduct experience activities outside the school, and invite professionals to offer courses and training society. This also inspired us: Ice and Snow Sports must walk into the campus, and sometimes students have to go out of the campus. In order to give full play to the role of social forces in professional teaching and participation in competitions, we can provide children with more in -depth opportunities.

The degree of participation of teenagers is related to the future of ice and snow sports. While ice and snow enters the campus, while making more young people fall in love with ice and snow sports, they can also move their hands with small hands to drive parents and society to participate in the ice and snow project extensively. With the entry of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, the campus ice and snow sports will once again set off a climax. When Ice and Snow Sports is solid in the teenagers, the beautiful future of sports power is even more promising.

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