What kind of sports headphones are better, run sports headphones recommendation

With the rapid progress of technology, many people are not only sound quality, cost -effective, but also more comfortable comfort when they choose sports headphones. So sports Bluetooth headsets have risen rapidly in recent years. Bluetooth sports headphones have high comfort, not ears, and high cost performance. But buying a good sports Bluetooth headset is also a knowledge. Today I will bring you several sports headphones to introduce you to you.

1. NANK South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Transmission Sports Headphones

Recommended reason:

The bone conductive headset is transmitted to the inner ear of the skull vibration, that is, the sound waves do not pass the external ears and the middle ear, so this type of headset is particularly suitable in the sports scene. When listening to the song Essence

South Card Runner PRO3 has been worn throughout the perspective and bending. It has been designed by ergonomic engineering. After 197 days and night analysis and innovation, it is based on the 8,000 Asian ear databases collected in the past. The development of the ears of the Chinese people creates a more admitted headset outline.

South Card Runner PRO 3 has added a number of innovative functions, allowing bone conduction headphones to better integrate into many scenes in life. Built -in 16GB of memory, you can play music even if you do not connect to your mobile phone; at the same time, it supports the waterproof of level 8 to swim. Even in the underwater scene that does not support Bluetooth, it can be used with the MP3 function. The blessing of outdoor scene Bluetooth 5.2 can also be more stable.

2. Philips bone conduction sports headset A6606

Recommended reason:

The design of Philips bone conduction headsets has always been relatively thick. This A6606 is no exception. The headset connection part uses a titanium alloy skeleton. Therefore, the neck of the headset is hard. There is a sense of squeezing. The design of the power button is relatively small. It is located next to the charging interface. It can control the opening of the headset and running safety lighting. Speaking of this night running lights, it is really necessary to mention that in places with poor lighting, others can notice you, effectively improve the safety during exercise, and avoid danger. The deficiencies in the United States are the leakage of the sound.

3. JBL Reflect Flow Pro Sport Bluetooth headset

Recommended reason:

JBL Reflect Flow Pro is a professional sports Bluetooth headset, which focuses on dustproof and waterproof, high battery life and other characteristics. Wearing a sag rope on the headset storage box, it is easy to carry, but also very sporty. As a professional sports headset, this headset uses a dual stability mechanism. The wings support the earphone cover and plastic earbuds. The stability is very good. Even when we wear it, don't worry about falling off.

Support IP68 waterproof and dustproof, after all, it is a sports headset. What is often involved in wet headsets during exercise, so waterproof is important. IP68 level waterproof makes it even without any swimming surfing. question.

4. OnePlus Buds Pro

Recommended reason:

The upper half of the headset body and the ears are frosted, and the lower part is bright and silver looks beautiful and fashionable. It is also this part of the headset cavity that makes it very firm when wearing and will not fall easily.

In addition, you don't need to worry about the large amount of sweat during exercise and cause the headset damage. This headset is equipped with IP55 level dustproof and waterproof. Even if sweat is dripping, you can still enjoy music.

5. Xiaomi BUDS 3 PRO

Recommended reason:

Xiaomi Zhen Wireless Noise Calling the headset 3 Pro's charging box is relatively flat, and the surface sandblasting process makes the charging box look more textured. The main body of the headset is also a classic bean sprout design. It comes standard with three types of earplugs of large, medium and small, and can be replaced according to the size of its own ears to improve wearing comfort. The earphones re -designed the stacking architecture of the cochlea. It pays more attention to the stability of wearing and is not easy to turn. Do not worry about falling from the ears when wearing.

6. NANK South Card Runner CC2 Bone conduction sports headset

Recommended reason:

The South Card Runner CC2 compares other bone conduction headphones at the same price, which is very cost -effective. The headset is light and the skin is wrapped in the skin. Even if it is worn for a long time, it will not make the user a sense of weight, and it is firm when wearing, and it will not be easily dropped.

In terms of configuration, a new combination of low -energy Bluetooth 5.0 chip+ceramic antenna+signal enhancement makes the Bluetooth connection more stable and the battery life is up to six hours. In addition, IPX6 level 6 is waterproof and dustproof, and there is no worries during exercise.

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