Which brand of wireless sports headphones is good and the sixth sports headphones recommended by the sports as well as manpower

To choose a sports headset, we must first understand it. I have used a lot of Bluetooth headsets myself before and after, and summarized a few points. First of all, he wants to get rid of the restraint of the wiring of the human. Second The waterproof ability can integrate the passion sweat with the dynamic rhythm. The excellent sports headphones must not only achieve these, but also wear it stable and not afraid of it. It is very comfortable. Now I recommend you a few more useful sports headphones.

1. South Card Runner PRO3 Bone conduction sports headset

Recommended reason:

South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Chuan Headphones can listen to songs without entering the ear. The principle of sound is different from traditional headphones. Bone conduction is through solid sound sounds, vibrating jaw bone transmission sounds to the auditory nerves, which will not affect the air passage of our ear canal That is, we hear the outside voice, so it is more suitable for exercise.

South Card Runner PRO3 spent a lot of effort in the design of the fuselage, making this bone conductive headset wear more suitable for the ear shapes of our people. Comfortable! On the surface of the waterproof surface, like his design, it is like a hippocampus can swim under the water and supports 20 meters deep waterproof.

South Card Runner PRO3 is also equipped with a new Bluetooth 5.2 chip, which has stronger anti -interference ability. It can easily cope with various complex scenes outdoors and ensure that the good mood on the way is not interfered by the disconnected. At the same time, the stable connection also brings ultra -low delayed performance, listening to songs, chasing dramas, and playing games to meet all the needs of daily headphones.

2. Beats PowerBeats Pro sports Bluetooth headset

Recommended reason:

Beats PowerBeats Pro is a high -performance sports headset with adjustable non -slip ear hanging and earplugs of different sizes. It is more comfortable to wear. With excellent anti -sweat resistance and water resistance, a large amount of sweating during exercise does not affect the use of the headset, and better maintains the state of exercise. The left and right earplugs are equipped with volume and track control buttons, which is more convenient to adjust music. Support voice assistant to keep you exercise at all times.

3. Youou Earsopen Peace true wireless bone conduction sports Bluetooth headset

Recommended reason:

Yiou Earsopen Peace This headset is a bone conduction sports headset, but said goodbye to the traditional hanging neck design and realized the wireless bone conduction form. Wearing behind the ear is paired with a arc -shaped supporting frame, which is more comfortable to wear. IPX7 -level waterproof, enjoy the cheerful exercise regardless of sweat and rain.

4. South Card Runner CC 2 bone conduction sports headphones

Recommended reason:

NANK South Card has been a sought -after product in the past two years as the TOP1 brand of the bone -leaving headset industry. Since the release of NANK South Card's first consumer -grade bone conductor Runner CC, its high cost performance has been harder to make bone conduction headsets in the mass market. Not only did the more human experience have the beauty of bone -blending headphones, but also profoundly affected the development trend of the headset industry today. This second generation also continues the concept of the previous generation. It retains the magnetic charging of the flagship model. It also has a high cost -effective configuration. It has also improved a lot.

5. Jabra Elite Active 65T sports headset

Recommended reason:

As a real wireless sports headset, there are too many advantages on his body, convenient and convenient, and there is no stethoscope effect like bone conduction, but he is still split. In operation, the traditional line control sector has been canceled. The operation button is concentrated on the main body of the headset, and the mode of use is more tending to the ergonomic concept. Even during the exercise, it can be quickly answered and other operations. The protection level is as high as IP56, which can effectively respond to a large number of sweating problems. Even if you encounter the scene of light rain, you can still run with confidence and exercise smoothly.

6. Walkman Lollipods Pro sports headset

Recommended reason:

After seeing the AirPods Pro to take out the headphones, it can obviously feel that the headset is very light, and it looks a bit thinner than Apple. The workmanship curve perfectly conforms to the ergonomic design, and the ears will not be tired of the ear, and the environmental sound monitoring mode is also very good. For friends who take the headset every day, in this mode, you can listen to the headset without taking off your headphones. The sound around the Qing Dynasty had more security guarantees. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to bring in the earphones outdoors.

Everyone's experience must be subjectively different about the sound quality of the headphones and the feeling of wearing. Everyone's demand and positioning of sports headphones are different, so you still need to choose the most suitable for you according to your own needs.

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