Sports Injury

"Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!"

"Where did you sprain again?"

"My feet hurt when I played just now, it hurts!"

"Don't move, let me see, uh ... I will give you ah."

With the friction of the bone that can be obviously heard, and with the sound of the patient's "ah", the process of diagnosis and treatment was completed. The patient looked at the doctor with doubtful eyes, because the affected area after treatment hurt more than just now.

"It's okay, it's okay, hurt the muscles for a hundred days, let's raise it, remember to bring your coach well!"

"I know, thank you for the doctor!" The patient limped his head and was about to leave the medical room.

"Wait! You go back to wear more pairs of socks, and your feet should be strangled with some elastic things. Such a good fast, the province's bones to run out of the bones."

"Thank you doctor! By the way! Doctor, what is the medical expenses?" The patient asked this time and asked carefully.

"No need to do it, I have a relationship with your coach. How much do I have to bring your coach on this day! I came two yesterday. I bring your coach every day. What is this called, let's go, pay attention on the road! "

"Thank you doctor!" The patient left the clinic carefully after apologizing.

The training class has not ended. The temperature around 4 pm in midsummer is a kind of torment for people who are trained outdoors. The eyes can directly see the heat on the court on the field. The water has been hot, and the team members are struggling to run, transporting basketball to do various tactical coordination and layup exercises, sweat has been soaked in the jersey, the water storage capacity of the jersey reaches full value, so that there are even at the full value, so that there are even at the full value, so that there are even at the full value, so that there are even at the full value, so that there are even at the full value. The sweat that came out can only flow to the ground, and some also throw a beautiful and handsome line with the swing of the body. Some players have swollen and swollen because of confrontation and friction. Thermal energy, unable to stop blood, flows to white socks, the collision between white and red is a minimalist aesthetic, which makes people on the court have a trace of beauty other than passion.

"Coach, I'm back, Dr. Shi said that there was nothing big, let me raise it." The patient just limped back to report to the coach.

"Then go the sidelines to go the ball, a movement of five hundred times, the basic skills of thirty actions, and finished after the training class!" 姥 said very harshly.

"Ao ..." The injured player agreed reluctantly.

Although the players are unwilling to be injured, they are exhausted under such high -intensity training every day. They can only rest through the timing of injury and nourishment. Standing and practicing, the lower body is broken and practiced the upper body, and the upper body is broken to practice the lower body. This is the training principle of the training as a basketball coach. Speaking of what is the reason why I became a basketball professional, I became a coach after retirement. I have never verified it, and no one mentioned it to me. Many, but there are particularly thin, the whole person is slender and slender, even the shoelaces of the basketball shoes on the feet, in order to tighten it, have to put the perforations on both sides of the shoelace together; I can’t imagine this kind of The uncle under the image, because in the process of growing up, began to become able to identify everyone, appeared in front of me in a very plump form, even though her old neighbor, I told me to want me to want to want to want A volleyball coach who called her "Fat" has always been called the "big horse pole". I always feel that they are joking with each other. Obviously, I am fatter than her. What do you do? This is also my unsolved mystery for so many years. The training process about the coach era is also what my father is telling me.

Compared to the seriousness of the concubines in training, I am very gentle to me. I also simply practiced basketball for a few days. I haven't trained basketball with my uncle, but every time I see my injury, I am different from the situation of the above players. Even if I want to continue training again, I will not let me run. I may be called the ancient Chinese people. The elder relatives, extremely cared for, reflect a reason to violate its own professional personality. It is a reason to defeat this personality. Perhaps it is a place where I have a common gene and similar blood in my body. This incident has also had a great impact on me. When the injury is inevitable, the inevitable time is getting longer and longer. On the one hand, I gradually like the sport of basketball, and on the other hand To conduct professional basketball training, she felt that she didn't want to let the injury appear on me again. It was better to do something that would not have injuries. In this way, I didn't think as a professional basketball player in the end.

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