The health effect of Plati Movement

The Plati Movement has some health effects:

(1) Prapi is a fitness method that relieves the ability of the whole body and improves the control of the human torso.

(2) Plati can correct some special damage, muscle imbalance or other physical problems.

(3) Plati can help those who work in the office solve the problem of imbalance in muscle development due to long -term work in front of desks and computers. Plati is mainly targeted at muscle training in abdominal muscles, hip muscles, shoulders, backs and other parts. Poliper exercise can be regularly carried out to correct the body's posture, relax the waist, neck, shoulders, and tighten the relaxation muscles of the arms and abdomen.

(4) Practicing Prate can also avoid exercise damage.

There are some precautions for the Plati Movement to keep in mind:

(1) The correct posture: The abdomen and the back are concentrated in proper strength, so that the muscles can support the spine. The powerful abdominal muscles form a "force area" that supports the spine. When you stand up to the abdomen and back correctly, the whole body reaches a state of nature and ideals.

(2) Good breathing: Good breathing should be carried out by mind, body, and spirit, so that the flesh and psychological pressure of the practitioner can be swept away. The timing of breathing must be correct. Unlike our usual breathing, the Pilate Movement requires inhalation when breathing is in breatha (at this time your abdomen is stretched), exhaling when tightening the abdomen.

Plati is a safe exercise method, but it is not suitable for everyone. Because this kind of exercise is largely dependent on the flexibility of the joints, people with damage or diseases, such as arthritis, muscle strain, ligament damage and other patients, it is best not to practice for the time being. People with poor platelet function or people with coagulation dysfunction may increase the condition after exercise, so it should also be avoided. Do not be full before exercise, otherwise it will cause dysfunctional dysfunction. You can prepare some mineral water or other beverages during exercise to supplement water.

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