What brand of sports headphones is good?Four major sports Bluetooth headset brands

For so long, everyone has known the importance of exercising physical and mental health. The fitness exercise has almost become the activity of the whole people. The sit -ups on the balcony are sitting, the hulled circle of the living room and even the dishes of the kitchen have become a sport. In order to create a better home environment, I rationally use every housework experience at home. Even if the quality of the home has no way to do the quality of the headset, as an outdoor expert, the use of multi -functional headphones will make you happy to the end. So what brand of sports Bluetooth headset can be worth starting? Which of the headsets of the same price are even more oriented?

1. Nank South Card A2 Bluetooth headset

In order to better use the experience, the South Card A2 uses materials with difficulty and cost of twice the conventional production lines, and adopts more stringent standards to fit the in -ear design and silicone material of human bionics; NANK headphones's selection ingredients are all from international factories. Basically only appears only in the thousand yuan high -end headphones. However, the price of NANK South Card headset itself is more than 300 yuan, which is surprisingly cost -effective. It is one of the few high -quality noise reduction Bluetooth headset brands within a thousand yuan.

2. Sony WF-SP800N Bluetooth headset

Sony WF-SP800N, a sports headset, has a very recognizable appearance. The carbonate polyester material runs through the headset itself, headset plug, auricle, and case. For example, the feeling of orange -red is lively and playful. Wearing it during exercise highlights vitality, and it is fashionable and versatile in daily use. There is also a silicone arc -shaped shelf designed based on multiple experimental detection to make the headset more fit the auro. The exercise is stable and comfortable to wear. At the same time, it has a long -lasting battery life of about 26 hours. There is EXTRA BASS ™ strong, powerful and deep bass performance, which brings an exciting sports experience.

3. Jacobo Elite 65T Bluetooth headset

The principle of Jiebon Elite 65T headset uses the principle of twisting mechanism design to make the headset fit with the ear canal. The single machine weight is 6.5G, equipped with four noise reduction microphone, and uses a 13.4mm super dynamic unit to equip FPC. Adding a strong sense of experience, using the Bluetooth 5.0 technology connection, supports connection with the two Bluetooth devices at the same time, and quickly paired switching. IP55 dustproof waterproof ability, matte shell with rich colors, simple wind packaging is more advanced. The charging box is equipped with a charging box, which can be filled twice for the headset when the charging box is full. This combination can provide up to 15 hours of battery life.

4. Iron Triangle CK7TW Bluetooth headset

Iron Triangle CKR7TW Bluetooth headset is small, light and convenient from the appearance, earplugs, and 3D shark fin sports, seamless fit enhanced comfort, Bluetooth 5.0 connection, supporting AAC and APTX audio coding, and using independence and using independence The DAC chip is optimized for the Bluetooth signal. The 11mmdlc dynamic ring unit has a high -frequency high -frequency and exquisite and medium frequency transparent. The single -machine battery life is 6 hours. The total battery life with the charging warehouse is 16 hours. The overall comprehensive performance is still good.

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