What changes can persist in exercise

What changes can persist in exercise

? 1. In my less successful life, I can finally find a little affirmation of myself;

? 2. When going out for an outing or Budi with friends, I will not sweep too much because they have no energy;

3. No matter what bad anxiety happened, I can leave everything completely during the period of exercise, let myself quiet, focus on the insistence and exhaustion of the moment;

? 4. I bought a lot of unnecessary clothes, because most of my casual time was spent in sweat;

5. Unlock many different sports, expand their vision and life experience, and understand the charm of sports competition;

6. Because the various shoulders and necks brought by sedentary stiffness, spinal bending and other problems have been corrected and improved to a certain extent. After the body is better, people are more confident and more aura. Can't save.

7. No longer blindly pursuing spicy stimuli for the taste of food, we are more concerned about its ingredients and calories, and they are more concerned about its natural taste;

8. There are more intersections and topics with many fitness party friends. Meeting to brush the restaurant is our important social means;

? 9. Looking back at the past time, it is clear that one is left for health and life. In any case, this period will not be wasted, reducing a lot of regrets;

? 10. Take a lot of weight loss pills, weight loss artifacts, and pay a lot of IQ tax. Exercise is a happy artifact that you can achieve top -level effect if you don't want to spend money.

The benefits of insisting on exercise are still quite a lot, especially those who have been sitting in the office for a long time like me often have back pain and back pain, keep looking at computer work, eyes fatigue, and sore shoulders and necks.

Adhere to exercise is not to exercise excessive exercise, just step by step. If this happens, it is recommended to start exercise:

1. Eye vision starts to blur

2. Eating, drinking, drinking, middle -aged hair blessing

3. I only love to brush my phone and lie down for a long time, my head can’t lift my head

4. Light lung volume becomes lower

5. Because of the above situation, start to be anxious

Everyone's activity, starting from simply, step by step, it is very good for your health. I wish you all a happy exercise and more beautiful

The benefits of girls' sports are actually the biggest

1. Detox: Because a large amount of waste and toxic substances appear every day in human body, sweat will help people excrete these wastes and toxic substances out of the body.

2. Weight loss: The second obvious benefit of sweating is that it can help people lose weight. Usually people advocate exercise to lose weight, consume the fat in the body through physical exercise. At this time, fat will turn into heat through combustion, and finally discharge from the body through sweat

3. Anti -pressure: Sweating can expand the capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls, and can effectively reduce blood pressure.

4. Black: After sweating, the skin will turn white. Mainly, the blood circulation will be strengthened during exercise, the body will become smooth and beautiful, and the skin will turn white.

In addition, there are anti -aging, which is also good for the preparation of the uterine preparation

Self -discipline is not masochism

Many people are influenced by short videos to start weight loss and fitness, but the purpose of exercise and fitness is to make themselves healthier and happy

The premise of exercise and fitness is: eat well and rest fully

Real exercise is the premise of energetic exercise

Many people have been tired for a day and forced themselves to exercise. Is it really an incomparable behavior?

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