Sports life, more beautiful more than a little bit

Get up early, and the legs are a little raised, and he insisted on running for 11 kilometers. The snail saw it, I don't know if I will laugh at me. Anyway, I do n’t matter myself, as long as the task of completing the plan. To achieve the goal, it will have a sense of accomplishment, and I am in a happy mood all day. The longer the time, the more the benefits of getting up early. Occasionally, in the rainy morning, I couldn't go out, and I couldn't sleep on the bed. The body also seems to have memory, and a specific time period must be done. If it violates the law, it will be very uncomfortable. Except for occasional to sleep lazily, I can't sleep, and I don't feel anything bad.

Except for running today, do not intend to perform other exercise. The body needs to rest and will continue tomorrow. Under normal circumstances, I don't allow myself to be lazy. Unless you travel out, there are still exercise if you do not allow exercise. If there is no exercise one day, the body will be uncomfortable. Of course, the effect of exercise is not visible to the naked eye. It requires long -term accumulation to appear. Inadvertently, you will find that the exercise gives you a height that is difficult to reach. Regarding this, I won't say it carefully, otherwise it will mean.

There is no exception to get a point of hard work. If you want to be good, exercise is essential. There may be a painful pain during exercise, but the happiness after exercise is nothing to say. In our life, the biggest enemy is ourselves. Completing every training is to overcome its own inertia, which also means to defeat yourself once. To defeat yourself, you can achieve a better self. The life of exercise is basically sunny. There are few troubles, and you can stand the scouring of sweat. The long -awaited limbs also cast a steel -like will, making you not easily destroy.

I used to be a person who didn't want to take a step more and moved more. I don't know which day, and suddenly I feel that I need to exercise. In the morning in the early spring, the morning light was set off. At that time, I made an appointment with a friend and run together. As a result, she didn't come. And I have been out of control since then, getting farther and farther on the road of fitness until today. Running, climbing, playing badminton, skipping rope, opening and closing jump, there are not many types of movement, but it brings me a new look. The first time I found that I was a little powerful, it was the Tibetan Gang Rinpoche's turn in 2020. In Gang Rinpoche, which has an average altitude of more than 5,000 meters, he has gone more and more spiritual, and has completed a very terrible hiking journey among many people.

When the friends of the peers appeared in various situations, except that they were breathing like a cow when they over the mouth of 6 kilometers above sea level, there was no hypoxia and no physical strength. At that time, I really thanked myself who worked hard on weekdays. If there is no usual effort, how can there be that moment of success? Yes, you don't need to hike every day, nor do you need to challenge your body's limits every day. As long as you insist on exercising a little bit every day, you can accumulate a fearful strength. After Gang Rinpoche turned the mountain, I became more and more confident in myself. I think this is the surprise brought to me by sports!

Indeed, we don't have to exercise like professional athletes, as long as we persist a little bit a little every day. Only by changing the qualitative change, don't have a slightest slack. Your life is determined by you. The wonderful exercise you want can bring you more or less! Believe me, persist in exercise, your life will be different! come on!

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