What brand of sports headphones is good, sports headphones brand rankings recommendation

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of sports wearable devices, sports headphones have become important equipment for sportsmen. With the booming development of the sports headset market, it has also attracted a large number of brands to enter this field. But the quality of sports headphones on the market is uneven. It is also difficult for consumers to choose the right sports headset. Today, I have prepared several reputable sports headphones for consumers.

1. South Card Runner PRO 3 Bone Chuan Bluetooth Sports Headphones

South Card Runner PRO3 is a hanging ear-type bone headset, which is relatively stable to wear. In addition, he also has the unique advantages of bone conductive headphones --- not listening to the ear, listening to songs, do not need to plug in the ear canal like traditional headphones Instead, the jaw bone near the ear canal passes the sound to the auditory nerves through vibration, and enjoy the sensitivity of the surrounding situation while enjoying music.

South Card Runner PRO3 has a unique appearance. This is made by 97 engineers in South Card. After 197 days and nights of analysis and innovation, the design of the ears not only plays a role in improving recognition, but also in line with the ergonomic design movement. It can be worn on the ear in the process, and the integrated fuselage supports IPX8 waterproof items.

In terms of signal transmission, South Card Runner Pro3 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 decoding protocol, combined with AF full -shock -oriented vibrations to improve the transmission efficiency of sound, so you can get huge upgraded single charging on the battery life for 10 hours for 10 hours. Endurance. It is currently the longest battery life of bone -blending headphones. There is also a powerful IPX 8 -level waterproof+16G comes with memory.

Second, Huawei FreeBuds Pro Bluetooth Sports Headphones

The wearing is a soft silicone earplug, which is comfortable, balanced, and stable, and the negative pressure is light. Everyone is different, it is best to experience it in person. If you only listen to music in terms of battery life, you can use the noise reduction mode for about 4 hours. It is no problem to turn off the noise reduction mode for one day. With charging box, the battery life is 36 hours. In terms of noise reduction, Huawei FREEBUDS PRO ability is also OK, mixed active noise reduction technology, 40dB noise reduction depth, actually listening, people around you can not hear, very nice. In terms of sound quality: The sound quality of the FreeBuds Pro headset sounds good. It sounds like the sound performance of the headphones of Apple AirPods Pro is the same level.

Third, shokz Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headset

As a bone -conducting Bluetooth headset suitable for exercise, the material is light, comfortable, and stable is the basic needs of many friends; Shokz Shaoyin OpenRun Pro is only 29g, and the main body is made of high -return elastic titanium alloy and skin -friendly silicone material material. In order to be more suitable for exercise status, it also combines the principles of ergonomic engineering, reducing the weight of both sides of the headset, fine -tuning the overall center of gravity of the headset, reducing the feeling of the headset. Enhance the stability in exercise.

Fourth, South Card Runner CC 2 Bone Chuan Bluetooth Sports Headphones

The overall shape of the headset of the South Card Runner CC 2 bone conductive sports headset is small and exquisite. Although the appearance is similar to the traditional headset, it will find that the position of the headset does not enter the earplugs. The headset adopts a symmetrical design, with a pair of bone conduction speakers at the top. The charging uses the current popular magnetic charging design. Magnetic charging reduces the direct plug -in charging interface, and realizes the full -closed body design, which can not only increase the waterproofness of the headset, but also the overall appearance of the appearance is more beautiful. The earphones have a built -in 150mAh battery and a length of 6 hours. It is full about 2 hours, the red light is often on when charging, and the blue light is often turned on when it is full. In general, it is a very good sports headset for the sports crowd.

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