Exercise can be healthy and physical sore muscles after exercise

What are the relief methods after exercise? Is it starting to rest after exercise or stretching your body? What do you usually do when you exercise your body? For many people, it is an indispensable project in life because it can be healthy. Many people now like to exercise, especially some men. They usually have a lot of exercise. After exercise, do you do those things to relieve the soreness of the body? Let me talk to you today, how to eliminate muscle soreness after exercise?

How to eliminate muscle soreness after exercise?

1. Nutritional supplement:

During 2 hours of training, a large amount of carbohydrates are intake in this period of time. The level of muscle glycogen can be used, so a meal should be paid within 2 hours after training. General fitness training does not need to eat supplements. Pay attention to replenishing carbohydrates in time, eat more fruits and vegetables, and supplement food protein.

2. Massage:

The purpose of massage is to relax the muscles. The main parts of the massage are limbs, neck and waist.

3. Do not stop the activity immediately:

For example, after running, do not stop immediately and rest. Gradually stop exercise, it takes about 10-20 minutes to release the lactic acid generated by exercise.

4. Proper stretching muscles:

Static stretching and stretching muscles can accelerate the relaxation of the muscles and help the recovery of spasm muscles. Or shake your limbs, shake, pat your thighs or upper arm first, and shake your calf or forearm.

5. Relax after exercise:

After exercise, you can lie on a cotton pad or rattan pad for a while. The position of the feet when lying flat should be slightly higher than the head, or the height of the head is flat. Do not lie on the ground with water vapor.

6. Appropriate cold compress:

After high -intensity training, immediately use ice packs to apply cold compresses to train target muscles. Generally, cold compresses are 10 to 15 minutes. Ice packaging and skin are interval or towels to prevent frostbite skin.

7. Take a cold bath:

Due to the destruction of the fine structure of the muscle after exercise, the hot water bath or hot compress will accelerate the blood circulation of the injured muscle, which will increase the damage of the muscle fine mechanism. After large -scale training, if the hot water bath, the next day will be more sore than the next day after the cold water bath.

At the same time, hot water baths accelerate the metabolism of muscle tissue, and the training before the hot water bath has consumed a large amount of muscle glycogen in the muscle. Then use the hot water bath to continue to accelerate the metabolism, which will increase the sense of fatigue and reduce blood sugar. After training hot baths, people will feel fatigue, and their sense of sleep will be obvious; while cold water baths or warm water baths, human fatigue is significantly reduced.

But it is worth noting that after training, do not massage the target muscles and soft tissue immediately. The reason is similar to that after exercise, the principle of heat is similar to it immediately. Immediately massage will increase the damage of the fine structure of the muscle, increase the damage of the body and slow down the recovery speed. Generally, the massage is placed in training for 48 hours. If the trainer still feels pain in the leg muscles, it means that the trainer's lactic acid ability is weak, and the muscle tissue still has lactic acid residues. At this time, you can use a massage for "external force acidic acid".

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