Diving exercise fitness exercise

The original intention of diving is to enter the activities below the water on the surface of underwater survey, salvage and underwater engineering. Later, it gradually developed into a leisure movement with the main content of underwater activities to achieve the purpose of exercising and leisure. Failure to the public.

In diving exercises, the whole body and muscles are in a similar weight -like environment, which greatly reduces the pressure of joints, skeletal, and muscles. And can reduce the risk of exercise damage.

During the diving, the exercise breathe is the pure air compressed into the bottle after multi -stage purification, which will help reduce lung pressure, improve lung vitality, and improve respiratory function. Water's balanced pressure on the human body helps improve the circulating function of subcutaneous blood vessels. It has a special massage effect, which can effectively reduce the process of relaxation and aging of the skin. Frequent exercise can make the skin clean, lubricated, and elastic.

Underwater exercises must continue to overcome resistance, and energy consumption is large, so it can better burn fat and consume heat than on -site sports, and improve the effect of improving the body. And can watch various colorful underwater creatures underwater, bringing great spiritual enjoyment to the trainer, helping to relax nerves and relieve stress, and have a certain improvement of symptoms such as insomnia, depression, irritability and other symptoms. Essence

When on the sea floor, do not touch some unknown creatures with your hands and feet, so as not to cause some counterattacks with aggressive creatures and cause danger.

If there are symptoms such as nausea and vomiting after diving, you can take human dan, or eat a few flaps of garlic; if you have headache symptoms, you can use your thumb to press the head of the head, the sun, and the lack of acupoints, and apply the hot towel to apply your head. Impressure; if you have symptoms of itching and pain, you can rinse the eyes with clean light saline, and then use chloramphenicol or erythromycin eye drops. It is best to make eye hot compresses before going to bed.

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