The sports texture of the vehicle

The front light echoes the taillights. I like the waistline design of Haval F7X and the 19 -inch two -inch petals -shaped wheels. It looks very dynamic, which also improves the grade of the car. From the perspective of the actual performance of the product, it has a very good face value and design, and has a wealth of configuration. From the perspective of appearance, its shape design is very characteristic, and it is also in line with the aesthetic concept of young people at the moment. The hexagonal air grille, which is the grid structure of the intertwined style. Overall texture. In the appearance part, Haval uses a new design concept. The front part looks domineering, and the split headlights on both sides are more fashionable while increasing the recognition. And this is not only that, not only that, but also the price / performance ratio is quite high. As the saying goes, "Good horses with good saddle", this sentence has received a very good evaluation in the domestic automotive market. The beloved car can be loved. The new car has been adjusted in all aspects. For example, a new body color matching is mainly to provide new color matching to make the new car look more fashionable and younger. Under the youthful appearance design, Haval F7X's car has also been well displayed. The overall design style is very young, and the dual -screen linkage design highlights the sense of technology. For the younger generation of consumers, the appearance of a car is the first focus of attention. After all, young people in the post -90s hope that their car will have a unique face value. The shape of the mid -net part in the front face is very personal. The headlights and the driving lights are LED light sources, which are very grade. The maximum upgrade of the Haval F7X Performance Edition naturally counts his exclusive "Cyberpunk" kit. The front and rear bumpers, the outer rearview mirror, and the side skirt are used in carbon fiber texture. This is the biggest difference from the ordinary version, and it is also the biggest difference from other versions. There is also an inner concave design below the door, which is very three -dimensional and powerful. Under the light, it has a unique light and shadow effect. The shape uses a new design language, showing the dynamic style. The new generation of young people have greatly met the demand for face value, technology, and power, and the technology configuration is more comprehensive. If the face value still has greater innovation, it can achieve further improvement in terms of sales. Haval F7X is also equipped with a 19 -inch petal wheel design below, and the overall exercise effect has been further enhanced. The maximum upgrade of the Haval F7X Performance Edition naturally counts his exclusive "Cyberpunk" kit. In the eyes of the editor, its slip -back roof design gives it to the shape of it, and its tail also uses the current popular tail lights. The overall shape is very fashionable.而这和哈弗F7x的超高颜值,不仅如此,性价比也是相当高的,俗语说“好马配好鞍”,这句话在国内汽车市场得到一个非常好的评价,一个好的价格,买Only when your beloved car can be loved. Moreover, because the car owner has a sports personality, the car also uses a slip -back design. The taillights at the tail of the body are very unique. After lighting, it is very similar to the feeling of penetrating taillights. The three -dimensional shape has a high level of recognition of this car. In terms of appearance, Haval F7X basically continues the style of the current model, but has been adjusted in details. At the bottom of the car, the sheet design with spoiler and bilateral dual exhaust design with spoiler board. Earlier, we conducted a detailed test drive experience of this car. At that time, it was considered that its shape should be more dynamic, and its body weight and overall driving texture are more excellent than Haval F7X. The rear shape is thick, and the tail light group adopts a penetrating design, and the anti -collision bar at the bottom is very thick. The tail side of the model also adopts a tough design style. The duckling tail shape at the tail is very dynamic. With the bilateral double output exhaust and the large area of ​​the lower area below, the motion atmosphere of the tail will be further increased. The black trim design below the door also creates the visual effect of the suspended roof. On both sides of the front of the car, a sharp headlight is equipped, and the details of the internal light group are very dazzling. The shape uses a new design language, showing the dynamic style. In addition, the new car also uses smooth lines to outline the duckling tail shape at the tail. With the beautiful taillight group, it further enhances the sports texture of the vehicle.

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