The gas film gymnasium allows exercise to do whatever you want

A gym that does not need to be restricted by the venue, the weather affects the weather. To meet the diverse exercise needs, the gas film gymnasium allows exercise to do whatever you want!

The gas film gymnasium can be said that the type of venue is full coverage, which has the characteristics of large space, high clean air, no beams and pillars inside, good ventilation effects, and energy saving and environmental protection. Basketball courts, table tennis courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts, gymnastics field small and medium -sized venues can accommodate multiple, football field, football field, standard swimming pool large venue can also be easily accommodated, and can even be designed as dual -layer institutions. Set up basketball on the first floor The pavilion, table tennis hall and swimming pool, the second floor can also open a standard football field.

The construction cycle of the gas film gymnasium can be built with a winter or summer vacation. The gas film building venue within 10,000 square meters takes only 15 days to build and install it during the winter and summer vacations.

You can calmly build a gas film gymnasium to improve the hardware facilities and school level for the school.

The principle of the gas film gymnasium is to use a special building membrane material as a shell, equipped with a set of intelligent mechanical equipment, the positive pressure of air internally, and a kind of environmentally friendly building system supported by the main body of the building. Each gas membrane gymnasium is equipped with an intelligent control system. According to the temperature, air pressure, external wind speed and other parameters transmitted by the sensor, the operating frequency of the smart control fan is adjusted to adjust the air pressure, wind speed, refrigeration or heating volume. Under the premise of energy saving, it reaches a good comfort.

The gas film adopts a newly designed high-intensity corrosion-resistant film material. The service life is generally about 20-25 years. It can be disassembled and assembled at any time according to the actual situation. If the owner's daily maintenance is properly maintained, the service life can reach 20-30 years. With the advancement of science and technology, gas film buildings are also developing to persistent buildings.

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