Sports health: What are the best ways to exercise in office workers?

Many people usually sit from morning to night in the office, and back pain is inevitable. There is not enough time to go to exercise. The work of work needs to take a little time to do exercise. So what good exercise is suitable for office workers? Let's take a look with Xiaobian below.

1. Cycling commute

In the process of riding, you are exercising, and bicycles are aerobic exercise. Burning the heat of 180 ~ 200 calories per hour with a bicycle commuting, without changing the dietary habits, most cycling commuters can lose at least 7 to 9 kg in the first year.

2. Plati

Plati is a movement that relieves the body's muscles and improves the control of the human torso. It combines the differences between the East and West movements, not only paying attention to the training of physical functions, but also emphasizing breathing. Plati's movements are slow and clear, easy to learn, and people of all ages can practice.

3. Climbing the stairs instead of sitting in the elevator

Want to take the elevator? Climb the stairs! Climbing the stairs can exercise the legs and hips, and can lift the buttocks and skinny legs. If your company is not very high, it is better to change the route and walk the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.

4. Get up and walk around

Sitting for a long time is an important cause of obesity of office workers. In order to avoid obesity, you should get up for every 40 ~ 60 minutes, or pour a cup of water, or go to the bathroom.

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