Promote the ice and snow sports of the disabled to show the style of ice and snow sports

On March 1, Shijiazhuang City Xinhua District Culture, Radio, Television Sports and Tourism Bureau, Shijiazhuang Xinhua District Disabled Persons' Federation jointly organized a theme of "Promoting the Disabled Ice and Snow Sports for the Winter Paralympics" at Xinhua District Skating Museum.Experience activities of the disabled ice and snow project, let the disabled friends get out of the house, experience the fun of ice and snow sports, and show the style of ice and snow sports.

In order to ensure the safety of participating in the masses, the activities were accompanied by the staff of the Disabled Persons' Federation of Xinhua District, and the project was also set according to the physical characteristics of the disabled.In the land ice hockey and snow circle competitions, the coaches of the Xinhua District Ice and Snow Wheel Sliding Association not only guided on the spot, but also carefully explained the origin and development of the ice and snow project, so that the disabled friends enjoyed the charm of ice and snow sports.

Report: Correspondent Li Zhoutong

Source: Yan Zhao Shi News

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