Fujian Province encourages Fuzhou to develop ice and snow sports

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台海网3月7日讯据福州晚报报道近日,《福建省全民健身实施计划(2021-2025年)》印发,鼓励福州、厦门等有条件的地方积极引入社会资本,发展冰雪运动;支持福州、 Xiamen and Sanming strive to create national sports consumption demonstration cities.

The plan is clear, to build more community movement corners to build more community movement to build a ping -ping tablet table, badminton court, fitness path, basketball rack, indoor fitness equipment, chess and card tables, children climbing in a suitable space in the community space in the community needs. Small and diverse national fitness venue facilities such as climbing racks allow community residents to carry out fitness exercises at their doorsteps.

The plan stated that the "three major balls" movement was vigorously developed to establish a football, basketball, and volleyball amateur competition system. Combining the "300 million people participating in the ice and snow sports" in conjunction with the Beijing Winter Olympics, accelerating the development and popularization of ice and snow sports, encouraging conditions in Fuzhou and Xiamen to actively introduce social capital and develop ice and snow sports. At the same time, play the role of youth ice and snow project clubs, promote "ice and snow into campus", and encourage more young people to participate in ice and snow sports.

The plan stated that it supports sports consumption policies, mechanisms, and model innovations, cultivating new hotspots and new formats of sports consumption, promoting the upgrading of sports consumption quality, and supporting Fuzhou, Xiamen, and Sanming to create national sports consumption demonstration cities.

The plan proposes to deepen the integration of physical education, ensure that students' one -hour sports activity time in the school and outside the school, learn to master more than one sports skills. Do a good job in the opening of the school stadium to the society, and the school that has been built and conditional must carry out the safety isolation and transformation of sports facilities for "two doors, two doors, two open two"; sports facilities planned and designed for new schools must meet open conditions; encourage school sports to sports sports; encourage school sports Facilities implement free and low charging policies for the opening of society; support the unified operation of third parties to open the opening of school sports facilities in the region; establish and improve the sharing mechanism of social public stadiums and school stadiums to promote two -way integration and opening up.

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