Which sports headset is good, I recommend several sports running headphones

We all know that exercise is a very boring thing, and often we choose to listen to music to relieve this symptom. Therefore, all friends who love and often exercise will definitely choose a super easy -to -use sports headset to enhance the experience. So, where do you want to start? As a professional sports person, I recommend a few sports headphones I think is easy to use to recommend it to everyone today. I hope to help you have an idea that you do n’t know how to choose sports headphones.

1. NANK South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Transmission Sports Headphones

The advantage of bone conduction is that when enjoying music, both ears are open. In this way, the surrounding situation can be more sensitive when outdoors.

In order to take care of the sports group, the South Card Runner Pro3 must have higher requirements in terms of details than ordinary headphones. In terms of appearance design, 97 engineers in Nanka, after 197 days and night analysis and innovation, so that this headset can be more suitable for the wearing habits of our people. The material uses high -tech low -sensitivity silicon glue materials The skin is also very comfortable and there is no sweltering feeling.

South Card Runner PRO3 is also equipped with a new Bluetooth 5.2 chip, which has stronger anti -interference ability. It can easily cope with various complex scenes outdoors and ensure that the good mood on the way is not interfered by the disconnected. At the same time, the stable connection also brings ultra -low delayed performance, listening to songs, chasing dramas, and playing games to meet all the needs of daily headphones.

2. Sony WF-1000XM4 real wireless Bluetooth headset

This Sony WF-1000XM4 redesigned the shape and wearing form, making the headset more fit the auricle, stable, comfortable and light. The headset is given a single battery life for 8 hours, and the battery life of the charging box is 24 hours. In terms of waterproof, it has IPX4 waterproof performance. Although it cannot be used for swimming, this waterproof performance is sufficient.

3. JBL T280BT PLUS hanging neck sports headset

The exquisite streamlined fashion design new Bluetooth technology has achieved more stable and reliable connection and low latency, and also better guarantee the better sound performance of the headset. With a reinforced earplug cover with a wing support structure, it can easily apply to various sports scenes. Over time, wearing will not cause ear falling pain. Wearing experience first -class. Waterproof supports IPX4 can meet the invasion of sweat in daily exercise.

4. Beats Fit Pro Sport headset

This Beats Fit Pro is a truly wireless Bluetooth headset, which is mainly used for fitness. The design of the shark fin can make the headset worn in the ears very stable. It is the best one in the TWS headset I have worn recently. BeatsfitPro opens the battery life of active noise reduction for nearly 6 hours. With the charging box, you can get a battery life of 30 hours. The battery life is still very long. If the disadvantage, as a sports headset, the waterproof performance of the headset is not high, only the IPX4 level. If you use it, pay attention to the scene of the large water.

5. NANK South Card Runner CC2 Bone Chuan Headphones

South Card Runner CC2, as a cost -effective bone -driven entry -level price, enjoys the experience of bone conduction. The headset is aviation -grade, which is flexible and not easy to damage. The body weight is only 28g. It is extremely light in the fuselage. It combines skin -friendly food -grade silicone, which brings a skin -friendly and comfortable wear experience. It does not hurt for a long time. Very suitable for long -term wear. Although it is an entry -level price, it can experience bone conduction, with a comfortable wearing experience, long battery life, and the real IPX6 level waterproof, aviation level material plus titanium alloy, and skin -friendly material, comfortable wearing comfortable wearing Essence

6. Landscape I1S bone pass headset

Landscape I1S is an entry -level bone conduction headset. The brand of landscape is still influential in the field of audio and video products, but most of them are low -end markets. However, his price is quite reasonable. It is suitable for the use of bone conductors for early adopters. It has daily waterproof and 8G body memory. The disadvantage is that the leakage is slightly serious.

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