What exercise is good for hypertension, you can try these three exercises

Patients with hypertension should choose a place that suits them before exercise. Generally, they must choose a place with quiet air and fresh air. You can choose parks and school playgrounds. These places have a good environment.

There are three types of exercise suitable for patients with hypertension

First, walk slowly

Patients with hypertension can choose aerobic exercise if they first exercise, and they can also use fast walking and jogging methods. The strength of these exercise methods is relatively low. exercise.

Second, strength movement

In addition to aerobic exercise, patients with hypertension can also choose some anaerobic exercises. The common anaerobic exercise has weightlifting. These are very helpful for people with local obesity. Essence However, as the weight increases, the blood pressure will increase, so there is a need for professional guidance when training.

Third, Tai Chi

Tai Chi is also a sport for patients with high blood pressure. The process is relatively soft and does not need to consume too much physical strength, and it can also help us regulate our breath during the exercise. Very good control.

If hypertension is not controlled in time, it will cause serious impact on the body, which will hurt the heart, kidneys, lungs, etc., which will cause cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, renal failure, etc. Therefore Keeping, know that if the problem is small, it will cause more serious situations.

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