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During the May Day holiday, every May 4th Youth Day, have you going outdoors? Running, yoga, fitness, handsome men and women often appear in the environment of beautiful gyms and gyms. Liu Genghong jumped the "Compendium of Materia Medica" and brought the home movement. The unique headset wearing the neck was a limited edition from the Aeropex ring method from Shokz Shao Yin, a well -known global sports headset brand.

SHOKZ Shao Yin launched the new flagship sports headset OpenRun Pro in March this year, with "open listening" the main movement safety and sound quality improvement, perfectly solving the use of ears and noise reduction headphones in danger. The serious problem; it also solves the embarrassment of semi -ear, AirPods to be unstable, and sliding down when running. Let ’s introduce the super -use sports headphones, high -tech, high -value, high -performance Shaoyin OpenRun Pro bone conduction sports headphones.

High -tech: Shaoyin OpenRun Pro is a real bone conduction headset. Because the bone conduction obtaining sound pathway is through the skull, so the headset does not enter the ear at all. Essence

High value: denim blue, knight black, grapefree powder, desert yellow, a total of four colors are available. The weight of the fuselage is only 29 grams, and the high -strength titanium alloy is hung after the strength and toughness can be tested. Ergonomic design makes the face fits more tight and comfortable. IP55 level protection, anti -sweat, rain, anti -splashes. The overall appearance is very suitable for the sports temperament, and it is worthy of the choice of high return rate.

High performance: American Bluetooth 5.1 three -core chip, realizing one -second connection, more stable and smoother. The double microphone is equipped with a CVC algorithm, coupled with the latest SHOKZ Turbopitch ™ low -frequency enhancement technology, better optimize the sound quality and release more low frequencies, the call is not echo, and the song is clearer. Standard mode, voice mode, earplug mode, three intelligent modes help users to manage sound effects easier to manage different scenarios.

With the "open listening" created by Bone conduction technology, Shaoyin allows the OpenRun Pro sports headset to more effectively protect the safety of users during exercise. You can also appreciate the music. At this time, the ears still maintain a perception of the surrounding environment. Through the perception of environmental background sounds, the environmental changes are predicted in advance to avoid the danger caused by hearing cover and non -pay attention to blindness. Safety. In terms of security, the natural advantage of OpenRun Pro can be said to be the pinnacle of sports headphones. Recommended to you with sports friends, stay away from the hidden dangers of outdoor sports, and choose Shao Yin in professional sports headphones.

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