The opening of the spring sports season to meet the needs of various types of sports equipment

In March of Yangchun again, the weather is warmer, and the "liquidation" schedule is needed in autumn and winter. JD Sports Precise Insight and Insight People's sports needs, specially launched the 3.18 JD Movement Super Category Day. From March 13th to 18th, 10, 14, 18, and 20 points per day to open a full 200 minus 100 coupons for all kinds of sports hobbies The equipment required for one -stop procurement, one -click to enter the health mode! In order to make everyone buy happily, the Jingdong Movement will also invite Wang Meng, who is "eye is a ruler" to participate in Douyin live broadcast to help everyone choose the best sports things that suits them.

The entire event venue is divided into 8 major sectors, namely super single products, selection of big names, good goods is pre -sale, new running shoes in the running season, new sportswear in spring and summer, new equipment for travel, new assistant and guessing you like you like Essence From various aspects such as activity discounts, hot best -selling brands, subdivided sports types, personalized sports categories, different sports goals and links, etc., whether you love outdoor, professional fitness, update equipment or shoes, you can find high Quality and cost -effective heart aquatic products, really enjoy the ultimate shopping experience of "you just exercise, others to JD".

In this event, also brought a lot of benefits with major brands, and the discounts of hot -selling explosions have fallen. In terms of shoe and clothing, sports and fitness are indispensable to a pair of functional hardcore sneakers. For runners, the ASICS buffering and breathable running shoes GEL-Contend 4 is worth starting. The midsole uses a new AMPLIFOAM technology. The cushion and rebound experience are more comfortable. The effect is better. It is expected to have a running best partner at 309 yuan after superimposed the coupon during the event.

Consumers, mainly sports and leisure, may wish to consider adidas's official website Neo Courtmaster men's leisure sports small white shoes. As a tennis style sports shoes, it has added a lot of stadium style to daily styling. The classic design is versatile without losing the trend. Modern technologies such as multi -layer leather upper and Ortholite insoles make it more comfortable to wear walking. During the event, this daily price of 699 yuan is perfect for sports and leisure. It is expected to get at 279 yuan during the superpopulation day. Do not miss it!

In terms of equipment, as the intelligent sports trend swept, a good sports bracelet is comparable to private fitness coaches, helping you plan the strength of sports more scientifically and monitor the health status at all times. Keep Yi Xi Qianxi's same intelligent sports bracelet B3 is favored by a lot of sports enthusiasts. With 10 sports modes, it can always support heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen monitoring. 14 days long battery life, 50 meters deep waterproof, and can intelligently link the official courses of 700+Keep. It is expected to have close personal teachings at 249 yuan during the event.

In terms of equipment, more and more people are beginning to create their own "family gym", and a treadmill can say goodbye to the excuses and laziness of lazy to go to the gym. Decathlon smart treadmill T100S home model small multi -function folding electric fitness FICQ is born for family. Full folding and free installation. After folding, it only covers an area of ​​0.25 square meters. It is equipped with a smart remote control, which is easier to change easily. Cat's claw cushion, running board, and runway triple cushioning, more care of the knee joint. The weight loss dream stealing at home is expected to be achieved at 2349.9 yuan!

JD Movement is always committed to providing high -quality goods and services for national sports enthusiasts, helping more people to participate in sports, and enjoying the happiness brought by sports. You just move, and the others are given to, and you can buy it in spring.

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