How to exercise is more scientific and effective

Life lies in exercise, but for special groups such as three highs, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, exercise is indeed particular. Blind exercise is not only uncomfortable to the body, but also may cause harm to patients. So how to exercise can be more scientific and effective?

The Department of Endocrine and Metabolism of Northern Chongqing Kuanren Hospital specially opened a special disease clinic for exercise prescriptions, and advocated the prescription of exercise as part of the disease treatment.

The exercise prescription is a personalized solution for sports training under the guidance of the motion prescription division to carry out sports training with a planned, scientific, and scientific exercise training to ensure safety while rehabilitating the patient's physical function.

Sports prescriptions include exercise frequency, exercise intensity, exercise time, movement type, and the principle of FITT-VP.

The FITT-VP principle is as follows:

Specify exercise frequency

The frequency of exercise (the number of days per week), the exercise frequency is too low, the effect of exercise to improve cardiopulmonary endurance will weaken; excessive exercise frequency, exercise to improve cardiopulmonary endurance, but the risk of exercise will increase.

Most of the recommended frequency is 3-5 days a week. The exercise intensity and type, physical condition, and basic diseases are different. The exercise frequency is different, and the individual differences are obvious.

Control exercise intensity

Because the intensity of different exercise can have a whole body benefits, there are "blind exercise".

Unreasonable exercise intensity not only greatly reduces the benefits, but also causes a significant increase in risks. It is prone to severe fatigue, muscle and bone injury, diabetic ketone acid poisoning, hypoglycemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular incidents, and sudden death.

Covering the type and exercise time

Aerobic exercise

Improve cardiopulmonary endurance and improve basic metabolism


Increase muscle strength and volume, increase the bone mass and bone force of load -bearing bone


Improve physical flexibility and improve tissue extension

Balancing movement

Improve physical balance and coordination. The specific types of exercise and exercise time need to be formulated according to the specific conditions of the patient.

Master the total amount of exercise and advance

The exercise process is divided into: adaptation period, improvement period, stability period. Under the guidance of a qualified sports master, it is step by step to gradually adjust to the strength, frequency and total amount suitable for you.

Doctors point out that there are ten benefits of exercise, namely: reducing cardiovascular events, increasing bone density, increasing muscle strength, improving sleep, improving the body's immunity, increasing cardiopulmonary endurance, improving the quality of life, controlling weight, reducing the occurrence of slow diseases, reducing the whole whole Due to mortality.

If you want to make the exercise truly healthy, it is recommended to carry out under the guidance of a qualified exercise prescription.运动处方师会根据基本身体情况(年龄、性别、体成分、基础运动)、体质情况(心肺耐力、肌肉力量、平衡能力、柔韧性)、合并疾病(肥胖症、高血压、糖尿病、脂肪肝、 Diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome, osteoporosis and other diseases) are formulated in accordance with the principle of FITT-VP principles. At the same time, you can monitor the changes and physical changes during the exercise, and adjust the exercise in a timely manner to help patients more scientific and effective exercise. (Supply of the manuscript of Kuanren Hospital in northern Chongqing)

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