What sports headset is easy to use, bone conduction sports headset recommendation

The development of the new type of bone conduction headset solves the hidden safety hazards of our sound in the exercise. You can bring you music in sports without blocking your ears, and the lightweight body makes it very comfortable. The open design allows you to hear the surrounding environment in the outdoor sports, so that you can exercise more assured and release your energy! Let ’s recommend a few high -cost -effective bone headphones to you!

1. NANK South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Transmission Sports Headphones

Recommended reason:

The bone -leaving headset is designed for the field of sports and fitness. In recent years, it has also attracted more and more consumers. Compared with traditional headphones, bone -conducting headphones can release their ears and bring users a more comfortable and safe experience experience, so they are welcomed by many professional sports enthusiasts!

The material of the memory titanium of the entire body of the South Card Runner PRO3, even bent 180 °, can be restored to the original. The sports group does not have to worry about dropping the problem. At the same time Performance is completely wet without fear of sweat.

South Card Runner PRO3 is also equipped with a new Bluetooth 5.2 chip, which has stronger anti -interference ability. It can easily cope with various complex scenes outdoors and ensure that the good mood on the way is not interfered by the disconnected. At the same time, the stable connection also brings ultra -low delayed performance, listening to songs, chasing dramas, and playing games to meet all the needs of daily headphones.

Second, Shaoyin AS800 bone conduction sports headset

Recommended reason:

Shaoyin Aeropex AS800 is one of the brands of making bone -conducting headphones. The Shayin AS800 skeleton is designed with a whole body titanium alloy. The comfort and softness are very suitable for the skin. The cavity of Shaoyin AS800 Bluetooth headset is more closed and integrated compared to the in -ear type. It supports IP67 waterproof and dustproof, and the whole body can wash the rain. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it not only connects to more rapidly, has more stable signals, but also has convenient magnetic charging. If you like sports, you are willing to try trendy, you can try.

3. FMJ B2 Bone Digital Movement Sports Headphones

Recommended reason:

Comes with smart AI assistant is the biggest highlight of this headset. This function can be applied to daily calls and playback/next music. The 8G large memory can be used as an independent MP3. Equipped with a new generation of 5.0 Bluetooth chip, the signal transmission is stable, and the compatibility of the call effect is significantly improved. Using a closed sound cavity design, anti -sweat in daily exercise is not even more important. In terms of battery life, the standard battery is 180mAh, and the song can last about 8 hours.

Fourth, Philips (Philips) TAN6605 bone conduction sports headset

Recommended reason:

This uses titanium -alloy memory wire, ergonomic ergonomic design to ensure that running and off -road are not falling off; support IPX5 level waterproof, encounter sweaty back and rain in outdoor sports, the headset will not affect; "It is safer to wear when running outdoors and cycling; in terms of strong practical sound quality, the three frequencies are relatively balanced, and exercise will not affect the quality of the sound quality insufficient.

5. NANK South Card Runner CC2 Bone conduction sports headset

Recommended reason:

South Card Runner CC2, as a cost -effective bone -driven entry -level price, enjoys the experience of bone conduction.

The headset is aviation -grade, which is flexible and not easy to damage. The body weight is only 28g. It is extremely light in the fuselage. It combines skin -friendly food -grade silicone, which brings a skin -friendly and comfortable wear experience. It does not hurt for a long time. Very suitable for long -term wear. Although it is an entry -level price, it can experience bone conduction, with a comfortable wearing experience, long battery life, and the real IPX6 level waterproof, aviation level material plus titanium alloy, and skin -friendly material, comfortable wearing comfortable wearing Essence

Bone -conducting headsets have gradually become a representative product of bone conduction technology. The above introduction hopes to buy bone conduction Bluetooth headsets for reference.

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