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Original poem



Exercise is a good medicine

Eat a pair every day

Good spirit

Then, then, then

The warm field appetizer platter

Stretching activity joint trot small jump

Both body combustion is like spring

Well -warm up cannot be less

Then, then, then

Create a staple food for cooking and stewed stew

Special dishes are aerobic oxygen and anaerobic

Then, then, then

Aerobic fat burning time is slightly longer

Swiping rope bike swimming choice

Persist in remembered the long -lasting sweaty fragrance every day

Excess fat removes

Slender waist and thin belly, dress and dress, thin

Lightly on the battlefield self -confidence light

Then, then, then

Evergrost with anaerobic muscle growth violently grows up violently

Overcoming the self -respect first as the brunt

Push -ups

Do not rush for a large mechanical weight

Small mouthful throat and ruthless dishes to taste slowly

If you do not damage the muscles, you will make it all in the soup

The muscle lines are available on need

Do not forget to relax the fruit appropriately after the meal

Smart digestion and absorption is stronger

Then, then, then

Day after day, one year, year after year

Strong gesture and young power

The body is like light swallows

Eat the body with a good body?

Then, then, then

Du Xiaosheng is good

How long can I persist in thinking about myself

Then, then, then

Ask me why the wind and rain are not hindered

Because it is a job

The days without money are boring



Jumping rope continuously on the 37th day: 21 minutes today, 3,000, 1500/2 groups. Tablet support for 3 minutes.

The wind and rain are unobstructed, day after day!

The spring breeze did not intend to enter our door, so I had to invite three or two pounds of Yueguang.

It is found that it has some benefits to find out bare fitness, which can observe the movement posture, physical changes, and needs to be improved in all aspects. In the absence of no guidance, shooting videos has to be said to be the most direct way to get feedback. After observing for two days, there is still a long way to go to the fitness. To achieve the ideal figure, it takes at least one year, and will be far away. The exercise will accompany us for life!

Gradually discovered that in any case, some things will never give up because of anything, and it is completely integrated with the mind. This is a very special feeling, as if growing in the bones. Lazyly, without doing it, it will feel guilty, which is also a kind of happiness. There are a few such things in life, and you will not be lonely when you are old. I hope you have such one or two things, do time resistance, and slowly taste life.

It is necessary to feedback to do anything. It is easy to give up without brainless machinery. Parents to observe that some changes are subtle. There must be a consciousness that takes the initiative to get feedback. Training and training it. After a long time, it becomes a natural response. If there is no feedback, things will become boring, and finally become empty and boring, and give up.

Not everyone can endure loneliness and loneliness, even if they are too quiet, they will feel terrible, and they will fall into panic! This highlights the power of example and companionship. If you are fortunate to meet such people, you should cherish it. Those who really have changed you and help you improve, especially the improvement of the thinking and cognitive model.

Well, everything has to rely on yourself, be your own master, and then give it to time!


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