Sports and healthy!DIDOS3PROMAX sports watch experience

Foreword: exercise not only requires a good venue and environment, but also a good equipment. In recent years, smart wearable products have been particularly popular, and related products have also emerged endlessly. Recently I experienced a Dido S3 Pro multifunctional GPS outdoor sports watch. It sets time display, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, multiple necessary functions of outdoor sports, and super long -term capacity, adding more safety guarantee to my outdoor sports.

Shock out: Dido has been committed to providing consumers with electronic products such as trendy fashion, comfortable and cost -effective intelligent wearables. This Dido S3 Promax sports watch is its latest sports watch product. The appearance of the packaging box adopts a simple design style, the front is the product renderings, high -end and atmospheric.

After the box is opened, it includes watches, chargers, manuals, and a standard film. The main body of the sports watch adopts pure black color scheme, pure black color matching with black strap, and supports fast -disassembly design. The texture is full. After getting started, you will find that the rubber skin is made, which is comfortable and sweat -proof. The front screen part uses a 1.32TFI color screen design, which supports the brightness of the 5 gear, and it still looks clear under the strong light. The edge of the dial is made of CNC -polished aluminum alloy material.

On the back of the dial, the two yellow dots are introduced by the eyebrows, and the entire back is relatively smooth and will not affect the wearing effect. The other part of the back is the heart rate module. By monitoring the heart rate, let us adjust the motion state, which has a good control of the entire heart rate.

Functional experience: This Dido S3 Pro Max sports watch function can be described as "comprehensive" in two words. We only need to light up the screen of the Dido S3 Pro Max sports watch, and then the left and right touch slide to easily operate this product. Sliding left and right can display time and date, as well as heart rate, step counting, music. In addition, right -click the menu bar button on the side of the side of the menu, activity records, heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, music, news, weather, countdown, compass, air pressure needle, stopwatch, alarm clock, bright screen time, settings, a total of 15 major functions all all functions all functions, all of which Can be adjusted. Simple operation and exercise and entertainment.

Health monitoring: Sports watches support the three mainstream health monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen and sleep. In terms of heart rate testing, in addition to active detection, it will also be monitored in real time during exercise. If there are abnormalities, it will give prompts. Each test of blood oxygen is fast, with sensitive reading, and very reliable data. In terms of sleep quality monitoring, it can also distribute different states such as deep sleep, light sleep, and awake.

Endurance Waterproof: In terms of battery life, the DIDO S3 Pro Max sports watch can insist on using for up to 168 hours, which can be used for almost 10 consecutive days without having to worry about the battery life. In addition, this Dido S3 Pro Max sports watch supports IPX6 waterproof and has a waterproof performance of 50 meters, so it is not afraid that it will be hit by wind and rain.

Summary: This Dido S3 Pro Max sports watch has a comprehensive function and strong battery life. If you are paying attention to sports watches in the near future, you may wish to pay attention to this.

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