Can we wear contact lenses during exercise

"Life lies in exercise" is a familiar sentence, and among myopia people, there are no few who love sports. However, for them, the field of vision is not clear and inconvenient. If wearing frame glasses, it is easy to slip, especially when participating in more severe exercise, the lens cracking may hurt the eyeballs. So, is it suitable for wearing contact lenses during exercise?

During the exercise, unlike the frame glasses that need to be pushed frequently, the contact lenses are directly attached to the cornea, which can rotate with the eyeball, facilitate stable dynamic vision, and make the field of vision wider and more realistic. Relatively speaking, contact lenses are more convenient, so many basketball players wear contact lenses competitions. It can be seen that this is a more reliable choice.

However, the accelerated air flow around the eyes during exercise will cause the water in the contact lens to evaporate faster than usual, and the eyes can easily feel dry and uncomfortable. When purchasing contact lenses, you should pay attention to the selection of higher oxygen properties. At the same time, due to the inevitable sweating in the exercise, it is also necessary to wrap bacteria into the eyes to cause stimulation, which causes some eye inflammation.

In fact, most sports types are suitable for wearing contact lenses. It can even be said that using contact lenses is much more convenient than frame glasses. However, it must be noted that when moving with water or swimming, surfing, etc., wearing contact lenses should be absolutely prohibited, so as to prevent bacteria and microorganisms in water into the eyes and cause infection.

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