Exercise tooth care | Make your exercise no longer worry!

Who is the hottest athlete?

Perhaps the Winter Olympics may say Gu Ailing,

Those who follow the NBA may say Curry.

Attentive you may find that they are wearing a variety of "braces" during the game.

Many people are curious,

Are they all full of teeth? Or what secret weapon?


This is not a real brace,

Its scientific name is Sports Mouthguard, which function is to protect the athlete's teeth from being harmed.

What is sports tooth protection?


Sports tooth care is a kind of protective gear made of non -toxic and tasteless elastic plastic materials. It can be used when participating in sports or games. When you need it, you can get buffer when the teeth and max facial facial parts are external forces, so as Tooth and maxillary bone avoid excessive stress concentration damage to protect the teeth, soft tissues and temporal mandibular joints from trauma.

Who needs to wear sports torture?


Almost all people who participate in exercise, people with risk of injuries on the jaw or face should wear sports tooth protection. Especially children and adolescents like to participate in various activities and are more vulnerable to harm. 95%of dental injuries in China occur in teenagers. If you are worried that you or your family will be injured in exercise, you can choose to prepare a motion to protect yourself and your family.

Can we wear exercise to protect the teeth without harm?


According to a survey by the American Dental Association, wearing sports covers can reduce the risk of oral injuries by 60 times. But this does not mean that it is absolutely not harmful to carrying teeth, so even if wearing sports tooth protection, necessary protection measures and protection concepts are essential.

Types of sports tooth protection


The first category: the most simple of commercially available finished products, but the simplest, but because it is pre -shaped, the teeth are in varying differences, it cannot be well covered, wrapped in oral tissue, poor solid strength, uncomfortable wear, and it is easy to affect breathing and pronunciation Essence

The second category: The commercially available semi -finished sports tooth protector needs to be softened in boiling water, and the bite is cooled and shaped in the mouth. The advantages and disadvantages are between the finished and customized type. However, it is difficult to control and operate, and it is easy to deform, making the protective gear that cannot reach the ideal state.

The third category: Customized sports tooth protector must be worn after customizing, production, and adjustment in the hospital. Good protection, good suitableness, and good solid; users may have a certain foreign body sensation when wearing first, and can be adapted after 1-2 hours. The disadvantage is that individual users feel that saliva secretion has increased, and at the same time, some users feel dry when wearing.

How to customize?


Customized sports tooth protectors generally need to go to the hospital twice: the first time you take a model for your teeth, and teach you to wear a good sports tooth protector for the second time. The Department of Stomatology of the Third Hospital of Xi'an Welcome to customize your exclusive sports tooth protector, so that you have no worries during exercise.

The Stomatology Department of Xi'an Third Hospital was jointly formed by the long -established Xi'an Central Hospital and the Stomatology Department of the former Second Hospital of the City. The largest dental medical institution, Xi'an Health and Health Commission Medical advantage Discipline, Division of Shaanxi Stomatology Association. At present, there are 31 members of the team, 4 senior titles, and more than 70%have a master's degree. With world -class digital oral diagnosis and treatment equipment, adhering to the concept of oral diagnosis and treatment with minimally invasive, painless, non -cross -infection, and non -near -time hindrance, always adhere to high -end technology, hotelized environment, humanized services, scientificized services, scientificization The concept of establishing a hospital for management and civilianized prices is to provide patients with high -quality oral diagnosis and treatment services to escort the oral health of Xi'an citizens.

Source: Xi'an Third Hospital

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