The peak period of children's movement is here, and these sports principles cannot be forgotten

Spring is here, and the enthusiasm of the children's enthusiasm of the cold hinders in winter has also been out, but the children's exercise should also pay attention to principles!

Parents ensure that their children do not occur or try to avoid exercise injuries during exercise, which is also the primary principle of exercise fitness.

Children of different ages and different gender are different in physical functions, so sports projects should meet the characteristics of children's growth and development.

In the daily movement of the family, we must start with basic training, do not greedy, and greedy, blindly pursue the content that looks tall, and we cannot excessively pursue the amount of exercise, exceeding the child's tolerance.

Parents should pay attention to their children's correct postures and positions in exercise. In particular, they should pay special attention to the warm -up exercise before exercise and stretching and relaxation after exercise to ensure the safety of exercise.

Before the exercise, parents should first clarify their children's purpose of participating in sports. For example, if they want to improve their durability of physical exercise or explosion, whether they want to change their physical attitude or enhance coordination.

On the basis of clear purpose, parents will choose the right project to formulate sports fitness solutions: for example, use bow steps and push -up exercises, use fast walking and swimming to improve aerobic exercise ability, stand on a single leg balance, return to running training coordination, Wait.

Through targeted training, the child's movement is good, and in the future, children can be more handy when they do complex exercise.

To do anything, if you want to achieve results, there is no perseverance.

Sports are not overnight, but for a long time, step by step, parents must urge their children to persist in exercise.

This is not only a test of physical fitness, but also the exercise of children's willpower and endurance.

If the child's learning task is tight and cannot exercise for a long time, it is also good to squeeze out rope skipping, running, and high jumping at the study interval every day.

Each child's sports talent and hobbies are different. Parents must fully consider and respect their children's wishes when choosing a sports.

Generally speaking, boys prefer to fight against football, basketball and other sports. Girls like more non -resistant movements such as skipping rope, running, badminton and other techniques.

Parents do not have to force their children to perform unwilling exercise. There are so many sports, and they can always find a child's favorite exercise!

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