The best way to exercise with diabetes?The golden time of diabetes exercise?

Hello, sugar friends, this is stabilized sugar! Let's share dry goods again today! You know, proper exercise can not only make sugar friends feel happy, but also improve blood sugar and reduce weight. So what kind of exercise can you choose when you are at home at home? What details need attention? Come and learn with Stepper Jun!

1. Aerobic exercise

1: rope skipping

Skipping rope can not only prevent diabetes, but also help sugar friends to alleviate physical condition. Almost everyone has played by skipping rope. It is the most familiar to us. The skipping rope is easy to get started and the impact is low. It does not need to be very picky environment. It is the same effect.

2: Go in place

After a meal, you can better reduce the blood sugar level after meals: Generally, the general sugar friends only need to walk in place, and those who have heavy physical conditions need to be slightly slower. Note that the upper limbs are upright at the time of walking, and the hands and feet are coordinated.

3: Tai Chi, Yoga

It plays a vital role in improving the balance and stability of the body with neuropathy. The rhythm of exercise is suitable for slow or medium speed. It is a good way to exercise the meridians, reconcile qi and blood, improve microcirculation disorders, and lower blood sugar.

4: Swimming

Swimming can improve the cardiovascular system, increase lung capacity, strengthen skin blood circulation, and enhance resistance. Studies have found that short -term higher -intensity swimming training can also improve insulin sensitivity, blood glucose regulation ability, and vascular function.

5: fitness exercise

Fitness can improve the blood sugar and quality of survival of sugar friends, and can improve blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin after two hours of ends and meals. There are also studies that fitness exercises will help improve the physical quality of sugar friends, significantly reduce bust, waist circumference, and improve blood pressure and blood sugar.

6: push -up/squat/lying up and sitting, etc.

Squats are the key movements to exercise thigh muscles; push -ups mainly exercise the muscles of the upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially the pectoral muscles; sit -ups can effectively exercise the whole body muscles of the human body. This kind of exercise can be carried out at any time and place to reduce the risk of people suffering from diabetes. It is also suitable for friends with risk of diabetes, which is also effective for sugar friends.

7: Dumbbell Fuck

Dumbbells can play a role in improving the function of circulating systems and exercising the head and neck and limb muscle groups. Prepare dumbbells or mineral water bottles full of water, every 12-15 groups, three groups each time, each group can rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute. It should not be empty during exercise, and it can be performed 1 hour after meals. The movement is as standard as possible, and the limbs are stretched to avoid exercise damage.

Second, the best exercise time for sugar friends

There are two concepts of the best exercise time of sugar friends: the first is the choice of exercise time, and the second is the choice of each exercise duration. For the choice of exercise time, it is recommended to take 30 minutes after meals and 30 minutes exercise. 30 minutes after each meal, you can choose to walk away quickly, swimming and other aerobic exercise. That's fine. For each exercise time, it is necessary to judge according to the age and serious physical condition. For example, a person with cardiovascular disease, he exercises a shorter time, and the time of young people will be longer. One principle is not to exercise for more than an hour.

3. Movement process, method and time

Step 1: Prepare exercise -jogging and pulling exercises --- 5 ~ 10min

Step 2: Basic exercise -Aerobic exercise and resistance movement --- 30 ~ 60min

Step 3: Relax exercise -walking and pulling exercises --- 5 ~ 10min

Fourth, Steady Sugar Jun Friendly Tips

Sugar friends with retinopathy, avoid the movement of increased intraocular pressure such as bowing and holding breath; mainly with medium strength and aerobic exercise, at least 3 times/week, preferably not less than 20min/time; And aerobic exercise can obtain a greater degree of metabolic improvement; it is best to perform 2 to 3 resistance exercise (two exercise intervals ≥48h) per week, exercise muscle strength and endurance; exercise requires regularity and step by step, and it is not advisable to achieve the amount of exercise barely to achieve the amount of exercise , Correct exercise before exercise, slowly stop after exercise.

Here is to work hard to make sugar more scientific, safer, and happier! I will update the real useful dry content every week. I hope everyone will support it! I hope that sugar friends can blood glucose stable and happy sugar. If you have any questions or suggestions, please go to the sugar APP. There are more professional people to answer it for you!

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