Sports is everywhere, sports are unlimited and exciting

——Longzheng Elementary School, Hai'an High -tech Zone, Jiangsu 2022 Spring Sunshine Physical Function Games

On April 20, the Longzheng Primary School in Hai'an High -tech Zone held an annual spring Sunshine Sports Games.

At the opening ceremony, the athletes of each class and the refereeing group were accompanied by the exciting athletes, taking a neat step, and entered the venue in turn. Subsequently, the principal's opening resignation, athlete representatives and referee representatives conducted an oath, saying that they would strictly abide by the rules of the competition and maintain the fairness and justice of the competition.

"Come on, come on ..." The fierce competition began in the cheers and refueling sounds. The athletes are stubborn, you chase me, and strive for the first! The cheese of the cheerleading team in the field was higher than the waves, and the atmosphere was very lively.

It is understood that the school sports sports meeting has 50M, 100M, 200M, 400M, 1 minute skipping rope, 1 minute of sitting up, throwing balls, standing far -bearing men and women; 50m × 8 reconnaissance, 3 minutes "8" character jump Two collective projects for long rope.

The sports meeting set up a stage for students to show the ability to show, enhance friendship, and hone their will, and sings the main theme of "sports is everywhere, sports is unlimited and wonderful". The students experienced the joy of exercise, the joy of competition, the joy of participation, and sharing the joy of success, which caused deep thoughts after failure. Students' ups and downs. (Jiangsu Hai'an High -tech Zone Longzheng Primary School)

Editor in charge: Cui Honglin

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