Independent accuracy and sports coach

With another weekend exercise ending, another week of professional coaches began.The coaches of the same reason will consider how the recent competition events affect their athletes, whether they are individual or team.Obtaining this understanding will affect the way forward of the coach and the way they interact with each person they lead.

What is emotional accuracy?

Equipment accuracy is the ability to accurately infer the psychological state of athletes (Lorimer, 2013), which is considered a powerful prediction indicator for leadership results (Goleman & Boyatzis (2008).Empathy coach aims to form an understanding of athletes by sorting out information clips (usually called impression clues), thereby achieving this goal.


Impression clues include the impression of athletes' performance, appearance, attitude and behavior.The coach will also consider the incidents that may affect the athletes or outside the field.There may be stories in the family life of media, social media or athletes.

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