The benefits of the goal ball to the body

The goal ball is a kind of outdoor ball game that hit the iron door with a mallet to hit the iron door, also known as the hammer ball. The goal ball is an outdoor sports. Because of its small activity, it can continue to move for a few hours. If you choose a clear and comfortable weather to exercise outdoors, you can fully enjoy the warm sunlight and fresh air.

The goal ball activity can make the body fully exercise. By targeting, hitting, picking up, fast walking, jogging and other activities, you can exercise joints and muscles throughout the body, and help promote blood circulation, improve the body's various items Function to achieve the purpose of strengthening fitness and preventing diseases.

When playing the goal, not only the body's participation, but also the use of thinking. To constantly judge the situation on the field, choose the most reasonable hit countermeasures. The elderly participating in the goalkeeper game, it has the effect of enhancing and maintaining the vitality of brain cells, exercising thinking and memory ability.

Although the goal ball is simple and easy to work, and the safety is relatively high, you should pay attention to some aspects during practice to achieve better results. Before participating in the goalkeeper activity, the arm, legs, waist, and corresponding joints should be fully moved to reduce unnecessary sports damage. It is best to wear shoes that are not slippery when playing the goal ball, and you should also be careful not to participate in outdoor goal balls in rain and snow. The physical strength of the goal ball is not great, close to daily activities, but it takes a long time to walk or stand. If you keep walking or standing for a long time, you may cause lesions such as lumbar muscle strain and knee arthritis.

The physical strength of the goal ball is not great, but once I am fascinated, it is easy to be excited. At this time, the elderly should pay attention to controlling themselves. It should not exceed your appropriate pace or span activity, so as not to just sprain the bones. Those who have never played the goal can also practice or practice with friends and family first.

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