Fingertip exercise

Mr. Li, 70, has begun to have hand numbness in the past year. Regardless of intermittent hand tingling symptoms during the day and night, even chopsticks can be held when eating. When Ms. Ding got up in the morning Ma, I went to the hospital for a muscle diagram examination, and the diagnosis was still unclear. Aunt Wang in his 60s, with his hands numbness for more than 3 months, did X -ray and CT examinations in his hometown in Jiangsu, failed to confirm the diagnosis.

Professor Gu Yudong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the director of the Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said that hand numbness is a common symptom of the elderly, causing many reasons for hand numbness. Most of the short -handed numbness is physiological. A numb arms will appear. Another example is that the elbow joint is in the flexion position for a long time. If a long period of continuous numbness occurs, it should be considered pathological. According to the different parts of the hand numbness, some diseases can be preliminarized, and then detailed physical investigation and necessary auxiliary investigation can basically be diagnosed.

Cervical spondylosis is most likely to cause hand numbness

The most common disease caused by hand numbness is cervical spondylosis, which is one of the diseases that occurred in the middle -aged and elderly people. When we step into middle age, some organs often develop degenerative lesions. When the cervical intervertebral disc is degenerated, it often causes cervical intervertebral disc herniation or joint hyperplasia or hypertrophy. Once the neighborhood root is compressed, cervical spondylosis occurs.

"Most numbness on the shoulder and back is the nerve root of the neck root. It is common to compress the cervical spondylosis of the 5th cervical nerve root. Most of the numbness on the outside of the upper arm is the cervical spondylosis that compresses the 6th cervical nerve root. Considering the neck 6 nerve root compression, it should still suspect that there are lumps or fiber ropes in the elbow to compress the skin of the skin. "Academician Gu Yudong said.

In addition to numb fingers and abnormalities, cervical spondylosis is also accompanied by other symptoms, such as: neck and shoulder muscles soreness, radiation pain or active disorders on the upper limbs. It is not difficult to diagnose cervical spondylosis, as long as you follow a X -ray tablet. In addition, there is a simple way to check cervical spondylosis: one hand holding the side head with one hand, holding the upper limb of the side with one hand, and the extension of it 90 degrees, and the two hands are pushed in the opposite direction. Those with radiation pain or numbness can be preliminarily diagnosed as cervical spondylosis. Essence

Hand numbness also be alert

If you find that one hand or hands feel weak, the finger or palm is paralyzed or stimulated, the wrist is painful, the thumb is not free and painful when stretching the thumb, etc.

Flat tunnel syndrome is a good onset of women over the age of 50. It is numb at night and affects sleep in severe cases. In the middle of the night (known as the history of Ma Xing), it is a typical symptom. It can be diagnosed according to the site of the onset and the history of the ancestors.

Academician Gu Yudong believes that if the course of the disease is shorter than three months, the numbness of numbness is intermittent, there is no intension of the fisheyle muscle in the hand, and the active obstacles of the movement of the finger. Oral vitamin B1, B6, and dioprazole are generally treated for 2 to 3 months, and most of them can relieve symptoms. If the course of the disease is more than 6 months and the finger activity is not flexible, it is a moderate condition. The drugs can be used for three months and the internal injection of hormones in the wrist tube. Some cases can relieve the symptoms. Surgical treatment should be considered for cases that cannot alleviate symptoms. If the symptoms are long, the symptoms are continuous, and the fisheyle muscle atrophy of the size of the hand, the thumb cannot be pinched and gripped with the fingers. A good treatment plan.

In addition to the symptoms of hand tattoos, except for the alleged syndrome and cervical spondylosis, it can also occur in the diabetic peripheral neuritis, viral peripheral neuritis, thoracic export syndrome, and hypothyroidism, erythema lupus erythematosus, hard skin disease and other systemic diseases Essence

Why does it produce tingling after the middle nerve compression

Why is numbness after the nerve compression of the hand? Academician Gu Yudong said that this is because the peripheral nerves are actually a channel to contact the brain and nerve endings. On this channel, the information released by the neurons of the brain is transmitted to the neurological effects with rapid excitement waves, including the end plate of the muscle fiber nerve and the sensor. In order to ensure the rapid transmission of nerve excitement waves on nerve dryness, the following conditions must be available: 1. The nerve dry has sufficient blood supply; 2. The nerve dry position maintains a stable position;

Once the nerves are not sufficient, the sympathetic nerve fiber in the nerve is dominant, and the excitement of the sympathetic nerve is the excitement of the sympathetic nerve.

How does the wrist horizontal ligament compress the middle nerve? Academician Gu Yudong explained that the main reason was that the median nerve entered the hand through the forearm through the wrist, and through a section of space in the wrist, we called the wrist tunnel. It is the bottom and side wall of the small bones of 8 wrists, and the horizontal ligament of the wrist is on the top of the tube. In addition to the middle nerve inside and outside the tube, there are still 9 tendons in the tube. Once the wall of the tube is thickened or the tube content is thickened, the lumen will be narrow, which will inevitably compress the soft and middle nerves, especially the blood that affects the blood in the nerve dryness. supply.

Once cutting the horizontal ligament of the wrist, the volume of the wristual tunomon is fully expanded.

Two simple fingertip movements

Once hand numbness and hand pain, especially at night anesthesia, be sure to find a specialist for diagnosis and treatment to avoid delaying the condition and causing serious consequences. In terms of prevention, Academician Gu Yudong advocates fingertips.

The specific method is: Touch the fingertips of the fingertips with the tip of the thumb, then touch the middle fingertips once, touch the ring fingertips 3 times, and finally touch the small fingertips 4 times. Then contrary to the original order, touch the small fingertips with the tip of the thumb 4 times, and then touch the unknown fingertips 3 times, touch the middle fingertips once, and finally touch the fingertips twice. In this order, the order of 2, 1, 3, 4, 4, 3, 1, and 2 is continuously circulated for 15-20 minutes. This fingertip movement can disrupt the routine of the finger activity, turning the brain thinking, and more conducive to the activity of the brain cells. Another method is to gently lift the other four fingers of the joints of the joints of the fingers of the thumb. Note that each knuckle must be encountered. In turn, use the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger to touch the horizontal line of the thumb.

Fingertips are better than joint movements

Why does fingertips prevent hand numbness?

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the fingers and meridians are connected. From the thumb to the little finger, it corresponds to the human lungs, large intestine, pericardium, three -focus, heart, and small intestine, and other important acupuncture points are concentrated. A comprehensive movement finger can not only clear the meridians, but also develop brain cells effectively.

Life lies in exercise, especially in the dexterous movement of fingers. Academician Gu Yudong believes that fingertips are the most sensitive parts of liaison of brain neurons. The brain neuron is the highest level of controlling pain. The sound and active function of the cerebral cortex neurons will undoubtedly eliminate harmful impulse from all parts of the body. Therefore, we advocate "fingertips movement" and fingertips better than joint movement. Academician Gu Yudong pointed out: Each of us can design our own fingertips, such as writing, painting, embroidery, editing, playing piano, playing chess, picking things, etc. Fingertips are a zero -consumption and Baili fitness exercise.

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