Sports: Weightlifting exercise

Most exercise forms only have some muscle participation exercise, and weightlifting training can quickly activate each muscle cell to participate in exercise by using lighter weight and the entire body exercise, so it can make the muscles change a lot. Not only can the muscle volume increase, the muscle fiber is thicker, but also the contracted protein in it increases, the excitement and flexibility increase, making the muscles stronger and stronger.

In high -intensity weightlifting exercises, the heart can transport more blood to the muscles in the exercise, and the stronger the muscles, the smaller the heart's load, which will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Weightlifting can not only reduce the amount of fat in the body, but also consume fat in the body in the body's metabolism, so it can effectively burn fat and improve the body shape. As long as the dumbbells with appropriate weight are used as a exercise equipment, and the effect will be significant, the effect will be significant. A large amount of energy consumption enables the metabolism in the body to strengthen the consumption during exercise. As the level of metabolism improves, the functions of other systems have also increased accordingly. Adhering to exercise can not only promote the development of skeletal muscle, but also help enhance the firmness of soft tissue and joints, and have the effect of slowing and eliminating chronic pain on the back.

After seating for a long time, you can use this action to stretch for a period of time, do not hold your breath. Weightlifting must master scientific methods, otherwise it is easy to cause exercise damage. Beginners should ask the coach to help choose the appropriate weight and make a suitable exercise plan, which can greatly reduce the possibility of injury.

Stretching exercises before and after exercise to maintain the flexibility of the body. The weight and number of weights can be gradually increased. Do not rush to achieve it.

After weightlifting exercise, 4 to 7 days should be arranged. Especially when the exercise has produced muscle soreness, the exercise plan should not be arranged, and the muscle recovery can be re -practiced again.

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