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Great breakthrough

Who is he: Azak Newton (1642-1727)

Who is he: Britain

Azak Newton's book "The Mathematics of Natural Philosophy" sounds boring, and there are indeed many people who think that this book written in Latin is full of mathematical formulas and boring! 99.9%of scientists believe that this is the greatest book ever. Newton explained the laws of gravity and any object movement in the universe. He used mathematics to explain his thoughts. After that, natural science experiments repeatedly proved that he was correct. I hope you can quickly prove that he is right again ...

You need to prepare:

The clean plastic tube is 30 to 45 cm long, and the opening diameter is 1.2 to 2 cm. If you do not have a plastic tube, you can use a piece of A4 white paper to roll a tube


Transparent tape and scissors

A 12 cm × 16 cm hard paper

All you have to do is:

1. Wrap the hard paper along the pencil tightly into a roll and fix it with a transparent tape. This is your javelin!

2. Use a transparent tape to wrap a conical tip on the head of the javelin.

3. Your large plastic tube will be your javelin launcher. If there is no plastic tube, you can use A4 white paper to roll along the long side into a pipe, and the internal diameter should be larger than your javelin diameter. Use transparent glue strips to fix the transmitted tube.

4. Put the javelin in the tube, take a deep breath, and then ...

You will find:

When you blow the air in the launch pipe, the javelin shot out ...

This is because

The following is how Newton explained this phenomenon:

1. Newton's first exercise law: When objects are not subject to any external force, they will not change their motion. If the original static, keep still. If only one external force is subject to one external force, the object will remain on a straight line until there is another force to change its motion status.

2. Newton's second exercise law: force can change the movement speed or direction of an object.

I don't know if I bet!

If you fire your javelin in space, it will always keep a straight -line flight -at least before it encounters an alien. Newton's third exercise law tells us that if you want to change the state of the movement of an object, it will try its best to resist the impact of your impact. This sounds strange, but you can prove it! Standing next to a wall, let your body's left side -including your feet, legs, buttocks, shoulders -contact the wall, and then squeeze the wall vigorously (don't squeeze it down). Now, try to raise your right foot, you will find that as long as you are still squeezing the wall on the left, it is difficult to lift your right foot. This is because while you squeeze the wall, the wall is also squeezing you; if you do not need to support your body on the ground with your right foot, you will be crowded down by the wall!

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