Xiaomi sports health APP of the National Sports Season meets the needs of equipment management and sports health

Author: Bashan Niu Second Brother

Friends who like to exercise estimate that the sports apps in the opponent are preferred, and the frequency of use is also high. As various mobile phone companies have entered the field of intelligent wearables, they have also launched their own sports health apps. For example, Apple's health, Huawei's sports health (to be honest, the homepage of their two apps is really ugly), and so on. As an Internet company that enters the intelligent wearable earlier, Xiaomi has experienced the iteration of Xiaomi Sports, Xiaomi Health, Xiaomi, and Xiaomi Sports.

The Xiaomi Sports APP is developed by Huami, which can bind Xiaomi bracelets, millet body fat/weight scale and other equipment. Simply put, it is the Xiaomi wearable device launched by Huami. As Xiaomi wearable equipment is getting richer and richer, the Xiaomi Sports APP has not met the demand. So there are Xiaomi health and Xiaomi wearing two apps to accommodate these devices. However, there will be a lot of apps in this way, hoping to make them increasingly higher and higher.

The integrated APP (Xiaomi Health, Xiaomi Wear) is currently in the internal test stage. The name is Xiaomi sports health. If you need it, you can go to the Xiaomi community internal test center to apply. The version I use is 3.1.1.

Obviously, the new Xiaomi Sports Health APP listened to the user's voice, which can not only bind and manage most Xiaomi wearable equipment, but also initiate sports and fitness functions independently on the mobile phone. It can also record and analyze sleep data every night. In addition to these, the binding wearable equipment can also record and give health suggestions, such as the vitality index, PAI, heart rate, blood oxygen, pressure, energy, hearing, etc. It is more intimate that data such as weight, blood pressure, women's health, medical emergency cards also support manual records and data management; in addition, it also supports mobile phone measurement heart rate. This feature has no Apple mobile phone.

After a period of use, I feel that the new Xiaomi sports health is very easy to use, and there are more advantages. Today, I will pick a few to talk.

First of all, the APP has no pop -up advertisements. To say what the APP hates the most, I believe that many people's answers are pop -up advertisements. The larger app is okay. Although there are pop -ups, at least it looks more pleasing to the eye. It is acceptable. And some small, most sports app pop -up advertisements are even misleading. Such as showing that the mobile phone should be cleaned up, click on the collar red envelope, etc., the inexplicable apps on the parents' mobile phones are misleaded and downloaded.

Secondly, it is the most dynamic in the sports app I have used visually. For the homepage, you can see the cartoon characters wearing a sports watch when you open it, and the cartoonman can raise his hand to look at the watch. superior. And this card shows your vitality index and shows it with a three -ring rainbow. Personally, I feel that it is more durable than the apple of the three circles.

There is also a place for the visual effects of the place. There is almost no sports app to do it as carefully. It is the animation effect that is opened and put away every card on the homepage.

Third, the interface is simple and pure. Whether it is the homepage or the exercise, equipment addition, and the functional partitions of several sub -pages of my personal center, it is very reasonable. For example, sports pages are placed on the top, and the middle is like a treadmill The equipment training, the bottom is fitness training. It is clear at a glance, which is very convenient.

Talking about fitness training. Before Xiaomi's courses needed to download to play, the new Xiaomi sports health can be used directly, and it can also support the screen to transmit the training course to the TV. Is it very cool? If the sports watch is bound, the heart rate data will also be displayed simultaneously, and the exercise intensity can be mastered at any time.

Fourth, support binding bus cards and door cards. You can take your hand to take your hand to take a bus, and you can open your door when you go home. In addition, almost all of the Xiaomi bracelets and watches support offline payment. sports.

Fifth, support the addition of medical emergency card information, the importance of this card is self -evident, and 10086 praises to the development team! Of course, in order to increase the sense of interest and honor, the "My" page also has medal walls and small habits. After adding small habits, you can gradually develop your habits after adding small habits. For example, develop the habit of not staying up late, exercising more, calling for parents.

Of course, as a sports APP in the internal test stage, there are places that need to be improved at present. For example, when the training course is cast to TV, the mobile phone does not support small windows.

2. There are incomplete records in the climbing stairs (such as seven rounds and sometimes only two data). Before Xiaomi health can record the climbing height (although it is not very accurate), I don’t know why it is gone now. Originally, it was originally gone. Originally, it was originally gone. Is it a chance to show muscles, did you admit it?

However, the bug, which has not stopped the time after exercise before, has been repaired in the previous version, and the BUG of riding a motorcycle identification as a bicycle has also been repaired. Therefore, I trust the Xiaomi Sports Health APP development team. I also believe that through their efforts, the APP will become more and more perfect, and the functions will be richer.

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