New equipment for outdoor sports, thousand yuan GPS sports watch Didos2Pro

First of all, I have a simple experience of this watch. This is a sports watch with a comprehensive price and function. The price is around 1,000 yuan. Most people can accept it. It is equipped with the health and sports monitoring function of most sports watches, and can meet the needs of outdoor sports. This watch is Didos2 Pro.

This outdoor sports watch is a subsidiary of Shenzhen City's First Duan Technology Co., Ltd. as a brand that has been deeply cultivated in the field of wearables. A variety of products have obtained second category of medical device certification. So this watch can be used as a "you know" product.

Open the box

The packaging box is designed relatively simple, using pumping packaging. The front of the box is the product map of the watch, which is marked with the word "GPS Smart Sports Watch" above the front.

The back is some basic parameters and information of the watch.

When you open the box, you can see our protagonist Didos2 Pro. In addition to watches, there are instructions, data cables, and other accessories.

Use experience to wear experience

When buying watches, most people will first look at the design of this watch. After all, the watch also has a function as a jewelry. DIDOS2 Pro has two colors, namely black, gray and black gold color matching. Black and gray appears to be relatively stable. It is suitable for people with relatively low -key personality. Black gold is more fashionable and suitable for people who are more exquisite and generous.

After wearing it, I feel that the watch is very light. The officially announced data weight is about 50g, which is still lighter in most sports watches. For some watches, the weight is more friendly, and it will not have a feeling of compressive wrists for a long time.

The most important thing to wear watches is the strap. Didos2 Pro is a silicone strap with skin -friendly material. This strap is more friendly and breathable. Even if you carry a watch for aerobic exercise, you will not feel uncomfortable because of too much sweating. And in order to make the watch diversified, the unique portable disassembly band design adopted, only a gently dial can achieve a fast replacement strap. For some users who are pursuing fashion, this is definitely a friendly design.

The screen display effect is more delicate and the dial brightness can be adjusted. Even if the outdoor brightness is relatively high, you don't need to use another hand to cover the light, you can easily watch the watch's data.

Functional experience

Of course, as a functional watch, the most attention is its function.

This watch is rich in function and supports 9 sports such as running, walking, mountain climbing, basketball, football, cycling, free training, which is enough for the majority of sports enthusiasts.

It is worth mentioning that his Broadcom GPS chip is divided into rice level+wall -level, and satellite signals can also be available on the mountains and outdoor outdoor. The biggest feature of this chip is that the energy consumption is very low. This also makes the watch's battery life more durable; coupled with the functions of compass, altitude air pressure, weather, etc., it is undoubtedly a layer of insurance for the personal safety of frequently climbing, hiking, and adventure.

Dido S2 Pro is also a walking private doctor. You can detect your heart rate, sleep quality, and blood oxygen saturation. With a special mobile app, you can see your physical condition more intuitively. Among them, blood oxygen saturation is a very important indicator when climbing. When the user is low in blood oxygen concentration, the watch can effectively remind the climbers so that users can master their physical state at any time to avoid accidents to occur accidents. Condition. Sleep quality function can give you reasonable sleep advice for your sleep situation, allowing you to sleep a high -quality consciousness, which is very practical for young white -collar workers.

In addition to these functions, information on social platforms reminds these functions. It can also be replaced by changing disks. Through a special mobile phone app operation, you can replace your favorite style.

In general, this sports watch meets the basic needs of the majority of sports enthusiasts. It is a cost -effective sports watch. It is comfortable to wear and has a high experience.

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