Which brand of sports Bluetooth headset is good, sports Bluetooth headset recommendation

I believe that many people like me, they also like to listen to music when exercising, especially music with strong rhythm can make sports more passionate. But if you wear traditional wired headphones, it is easy to pull the line. In modernization, of course, you need to choose Bluetooth headset! Intersection Today, I will share with you some Bluetooth headsets that are suitable for use. Friends who need it can refer to it. Each comfort is super high.

NANK South Card RunnerPro3 Bone conduction sports headset

This bone conductive headset can bring you the auditory experience that is not stuffy. With a lightweight body, it will not be swollen and sore with the ears when wearing it for a long time, and you can run further. Regardless of running, jumping, or great movement, the headphones are still stable as before.

South Card Runner PRO3 is a bone -conducting headset. Because bone -passing headphones do not need to plug the ear, open -type listening songs, so do not block the ear canal during exercise, and sweating will not cause humidity or itching in the ear. At the same time, it is safer than the earlier of the ear because the ears cannot hear the environment.

South Card Runner PRO3 has been worn throughout the perspective and bending. It has been designed by ergonomic engineering. After 197 days and night analysis and innovation, it is based on the 8,000 Asian ear databases collected in the past. The development of the ears of the Chinese people creates a more admitted headset outline.

The configuration of South Card Runner PRO3 can be said to be full. It supports NFC fast pairing and one -drag function, which can realize the rapid connection and switching of multiple devices. Bluetooth 5.2 chips optimize the battery life of the transmission power up to 10 hours.

2. Beats PowerBeats Pro Sport headset

They have a H1 chip that can be seamlessly paired with your iPhone and other devices. They use ear -mounted design to ensure that you do not move around when running, and they pass the IPX4 certification to prevent splashing. Although they lack sound custom function to help you adjust them according to your preferences, their balanced sound configuration ensures that the sound of human vocals and master instruments is clear and accurate. Their continuous playback time is about 11 hours.

3. JBL WAVE 200TWS Sport headset

The hearing high frequency resolution is extremely high and bright, the mid -frequency is full and thick, the low frequency volume is sufficient, but it is a bit loose, the speed is slow, and it has some Beats taste. In general, the three -frequency performance is balanced, which is suitable for the friends of the Mid -frequency human voice, light music, and classical music. The appearance is exquisite, the color of the "bamboo rhyme" is properly matched with the red and green, and the saturation is low, which looks very advanced. The headset is comfortable to wear, and the ear pressure is slightly higher after turning on the noise reduction. The battery life exceeds the nominal, supporting various common Bluetooth audio coding methods, and the link stability is strong.

4. Sony Sony WF-SP900 headset

Sony WF-SP900 has 4G memory, which can be used as an independent player underwater. IP65/8 levels of dustproof and waterproof, maximum level 8 waterproof, help you dive in water, enjoy unlimited fun. Optimize the arc -shaped support frame with mixed silicone earplugs. Wearing is more fit and stable, and the exercise is not easy to fall off. Two environmental sound modes. Bluetooth 4.0, NFC is a consecutive, with a battery life of 3 hours. The total battery life with the charging box can reach 12 hours.

5. Honor XSport AM61 sports headphones

It is comfortable to wear, and running is not easy to fall off. The auspicious device feels not too strong and acceptable. IPX5 level waterproof, running without fear of sweat, even if it rains rain and rain, there is no problem. The treble is also average, and the medium bass is not bad. The bottom noise will be slightly higher than the above.

6. South Card Runner CC 2 bone conduction sports Bluetooth headset

Recommended reason:

South Card Runner CC 2 This is a ergonomic design that uses an ears with an ears to make exercise more comfortable. At the same time, the waterproof performance of Gundam IPX6 effectively resists the erosion of sweat on headphones and the use of titanium alloys of the headset skeleton. I think this is one of the reasons why consumers like it. The second is that its price is very cost -effective, and there is almost no enemy at the same price

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