Six sports headphones recommended by sports headphones and recommended by sports enthusiasts

As a ashes -level sports enthusiast, it is really practical to say that boneless headphones! When running, the traditional earphones are wearing earphones for a long time and the ears are uncomfortable and seriously affect safety. Due to the unlimited ears, the bone -leaving headset can respond to the external sound in time to improve security. Next, we choose a bone -pass headset that suits you.

1. NANK South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Transmission Sports Headphones

Recommended reason:

If you use traditional earphones to use the traditional earphones, you still have some disadvantages. Not only can you not sense the surrounding environment quickly, but you will have pain in the ears over time, so bone conduction headphones are a better choice in the sports field.

The South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Chuan Headphones, on the basis of the new AF full -shock -oriented vibrator enhance the three -dimensional sense, then the Grammy Listening Merchants will create a more The tuning scheme suitable for bone conduction finally creates the effect of stereo skull sound quality. Bone conduction can also have good sound quality and stimulate your exercise potential.

South Card Runner PRO 3 has added a number of innovative functions, allowing bone conduction headphones to better integrate into many scenes in life. Built -in 16GB of memory, you can play music even if you do not connect to your mobile phone; at the same time, it supports the waterproof of level 8 to swim. Even in the underwater scene that does not support Bluetooth, it can be used with the MP3 function. The blessing of outdoor scene Bluetooth 5.2 can also be more stable.

2. Philips A6606 bone guide sports headset

Recommended reason:

Philips A6606 has a minimalist appearance, using three physical buttons to regulate control, and the operation is easy and efficient. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 protocol to ensure the stability of transmission and power saving, and support the deep dustproof and waterproof of IP67 level. It is also equipped with night running alert lights. It is very suitable for people who like night sports. Personally, it is not cost -effective to other brands.

3. Walkman W280NB hanging neck sports headset

Recommended reason:

Walkman W280NB uses skin -friendly design. Not to mention anything else, hanging on his neck is as light as he grows on himself. The 13 -hour battery life is pretty good. The overall sound -balanced and delicate sound presents you to feel that the approaching sense of the scene is definitely a good performance in sports headphones. In terms of waterproof performance, this headset supports the IPX5 level, and it is not afraid of wind and sand to easily deal with various weather conditions.

4. Sony WF-XB700 sports Bluetooth headset

Recommended reason:

High -end positioning pure sports TWS. IPX4 waterproof, high battery life, strong bass, Extra Bass sound effect. Sony has designed full-featured control for WF-XB700 to achieve a true sense of getting rid of the phone. It is very friendly for commuting and sportsmen. There is a gap between the high -sound and treble analysis than the wired HIFI earplugs, but in TWS, it is still good level. Generally speaking, WF-XB700 is very suitable for people who like bass and strong rhythm.

5. FIIL CG Pro Ear -Ear Bluetooth headset

Recommended reason:

The charging box texture of FIIL CG Pro real wireless Bluetooth headset is still good. Its surface uses bright paint technology, and silver blue gray color matching, which has both high -gloss texture and technology charm. It also supports dual device connections. You only need to press the headset for 4 seconds to achieve the switching of the connection device. This is very convenient to use the notebook and the mobile phone back and forth. The obliqueness of the handset is in line with ergonomics, ensuring the most comfortable angle of the ear, and ensuring the stability of wearing. It is not recommended to turn on noise and reduce noise during exercise. If there is no noise reduction, you can choose a version without PRO.

6. South Card Runner CC2 Bone Chuan Headphones

Recommended reason:

This CC2 is the second -generation consumer -grade bone conduction of South Card. The flagship standard is built. It uses aviation -grade materials. It is the skin -friendly food -grade silicone that is wrapped in aviation -grade materials, ensuring the comfort of the overall wearing. The price is only an entry -level price, and the price is very high.

In terms of sound cavity, the South Card Runner CC2 is equipped with a large -sized bone conduction speaker. This bone conductive speaker is a tuning by the Toronto Music Master to make the sound quality go to the one level. The vibration of vocal sound. Support magnetic charging and IPX6 waterproof. If someone calls during the exercise, this headset also supports high -definition calls and noise reduction, even if you exercise outdoors, you don't have to worry about it.

In short, the South card bone conduction headset is full of sincerity. From the details, we can see that the manufacturer's intentions, especially the efforts to improve the quality of technical quality, are also obvious to all.

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