I am happy to exercise

Anhui News on this website: I am happy to exercise

In March of Yangchun, spring flowers bloom. In order to enrich the cultural life of the children on weekends, activate the cultural atmosphere of the site, improve the physical fitness of the students, and enhance the collective cohesion and teamwork spirit. "Ningxin Gathering" tug of war!

Before the game, the volunteer teacher carefully arranged the troops to guide the children's posture skills. The children fist and encourage each other. With a loud whistle, a tense and fierce game began.

At the beginning of the game, the entire stadium suddenly became lively, and it took one after another. Looking at our Lara team, they stared at their fists and cheered for the classmates of the competition. They cheered enthusiastically to the competition partners, applauding the winning team ... with a smile, full of sunshine; cheered for a while; Sound and cheering, making people bloody. Volunteers also joined the team to help the team. In the game, the children were full of fighting spirit. The whistle and shouts are one after another, and the entire children's service stands into a happy ocean!

This tug of war not only enriches the children's extra -curricular life, but also recognizes the importance of teamwork, and enhances the collective cohesion. I hope that everyone will take today's passion and hard work on the field to move forward and create a beautiful future together!

Correspondent: Liu Shujing/Editor: Heng Heng

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