Sports experts recommend OPENRUNPRO sports headphones to choose Shaoyin

No matter what people do, they are inseparable from physical health! Now I do n’t worry about eating and drinking. I am worried about being fatter and watched because I do n’t like sports. I think of the boring running plan worries. As a sportsman, the editor's favorite is to get up early and wear Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headphones to run outdoors. Listening to running the divine song Rage of Dust to enjoy a strong sense of rhythm, let people enjoy beautiful music and easily complete the exercise.

The world -renowned sports headset brand SHOKZ Shao Yin released the 2022 flagship bone -conducting sports headset OpenRun Pro to provide consumers with reasonable choices. After more than a month of use, what is the Shayin OpenRun Pro sports headset? Today, I will take you in -depth evaluation of this newly listed sports headset.

First of all, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headphones are professional sports headphones designed for sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. Especially in summer and large exercise, OpenRun Pro supports IP55 waterproof and dustproof, easily cope with the sudden rain and sweat, as well as dusty soil attacks. Essence OpenRun Pro's unique rear -hanging design, wearing and stable in running and skipping campaigns, unlike traditional earplugs, it is easy to fall in exercise. Lightly titanium alloy is wrapped with skin -friendly material. To 29 grams, reduce skin friction, even if it is very comfortable, there will be no pain and swelling.

Secondly, in terms of sound quality, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headphones not only use a new generation of SHOKZ TURBOPITCH ™ low -frequency enhancement technology, adding a new Corecushion low -frequency enhancement unit, combined The full -frequency band sound of the details is more suitable for playing a strong sports music with a strong sense of rhythm, which makes the sound quality details richer and better.

In addition, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headphones are also very good in charging battery life. It uses a magnetic fast charging mode. It can listen to the song for 90 minutes for 5 minutes. Hours, long standby for up to 10 days, making people feel particularly good.

The OpenRun Pro sports headset is particularly worth mentioning is the super clear call. It is equipped with a dual -silicon microphone with digital noise reduction functions. The front picks up voice human sounds, rear suppression of environmental noise and eliminate echo. The accurate picker of human voice and voice -ups and environmental background noise suppression, elimination and separation, and through the active noise reduction of hardware+software, make the voice calls from leaders and customers who suddenly call leaders and customers in the exercise more calm.

As far as Xiaobian's personal experience is concerned, Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headphones can really be the first choice of the headset for sports experts. Its sound quality, battery life, lightweight, and practicality brings a refreshing musical feeling to the sports expert who loves it. As long as it is used, you can experience the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. Here, the editor of the sportsman just wants to say: Sports headphones choose Shaoyin, OpenRun Pro, see sports every day!

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