Suitable for sugar friends

Many diabetic patients insisted on walking and found that the effect of hypoglycemic can only be maintained after meals for a while. The next meal, before going to bed, or when I get up in the morning, the blood sugar will be high again. Tang Fuxin told everyone that this is because walking is aerobic exercise, and the effect of hypoglycemic is short. Increased muscle strength through resistance to resistance can maintain a longer hypoglycemic effect. Let Tang Fuxin recommend it for everyone ~

Tang Fuxin told everyone that the sugar that the human body absorbed would be converted into glycogen storage. In daily activities, 80%-90%of sugar in the human body consumes skeletal muscle cells. Tang Fuxin reminds everyone that when skeletal muscle atrophy and weakened function, it will affect the ability to regulate blood sugar and lead to hyperglycemia.

Below Tangfu Xinjiao fights with four methods to exercise legs and abdominal muscles. It is recommended that sugar friends can do it at home

About leg muscle exercise

Tang Fuxin told everyone that the leg muscles account for about 70%of the total skeletal muscles of the human body. Common leg muscle exercises are as follows.

1. Squat: Squat in a standing posture, close your hands, your legs are separated from the shoulders, keep your knees slightly bent, and then squat, keep your knees bending no more toes, and straight back. After each flexion and extension, stop for 1-2 seconds and repeat the movement. Tang Fuxin suggested that you practice 20-30 times each time, which can enhance the strength and toughness of the quadriceps. If you are not strong enough, you can squat against the wall first.

2. Lift: The front foot is on the ground, and the heels are hanging. Then try to lift the heel to the limit, stay for 1-2 seconds, and slowly lower the heel. Tang Fuxin told everyone that this way can effectively improve the strength and quality of the triceps of the calves.

About abdominal exercise

1. Sitting on your back: After sitting up, the upper body slowly lifts, abdomen, the head as close to the knee, and then return to continue. You can fully exercise the upper abdominal skeletal muscle, increase the strength and strength of the abdominal skeletal muscle, protect the internal organs Essence

2. Route face: After pedaling, the back is close to the ground, put your hands on the side of the head, open your arms, raise your legs, and do it slowly. 4. Bicycles can fully exercise your lower abdomen skeletal muscle, which can increase the quality of your abdominal skeletal muscle.

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