What headphones do sports enthusiasts use?Sports Bluetooth headset recommendation

In Guangdong Province, it can be counted as the most lasting season in summer. In this world full of inner rolls, many people exercise every day for their bodies, but they are very boring in terms of exercise, and people will choose to bring headphones to move. Important things, then let's take a look at what headphones are suitable for exercise!

1: NANK South Card Lite Pro2 Bluetooth headset

I use the Bluetooth headset this South Carolina Lite Pro2 is the best comprehensive experience. This is introduced by the treasure domestic products brand. Nank's product craftsmanship and manufacturing concept of production are very ingented, and South Carolina Lite Pro2 is more carefully crafted! It is famous for 30%of the price of a thousand yuan Bluetooth headset and is known as the use experience! Fully use high -cost configuration: Qualcomm 3040 chip, 13mm large -sized ring, etc.! It is also equipped with the exclusive development of South Card Souper Sound OS acoustic system, which intelligently fills the sound leakage, so as to restore the sound of sound! Therefore, it is also called "boutique treasure domestic goods" by the media

In order to solve the problem of troubled users' comfort to Bluetooth headsets, NANK South Card spent a lot of financial resources to investigate Asian ear size, and invited many ergonomic designers to test and develop. As a result, the South Card Lite Pro2 has the size that is most suitable for Asian auricle! The streamlined design of perfectly fit the auricle and the 3.8G lightweight design brings a shocking wearing experience like flowing water!

Second paragraph: Sony WF-SP900 Bluetooth headset

The gospel of underwater enthusiasts! Sony even launched the headset that can also be used underwater swimming! It is Sony WF-SP900.

Then someone will ask, how to use it so far from the signal transmission of the mobile phone without a mobile phone underwater? Sony WF-SP900 comes with 4GB of storage space, which can be used as a separate player to easily liberate your hands. This is also too nanas. In addition, in order to prevent the headset from falling off, Sony provides three supporting frames of different sizes, which is suitable for different shapes of ear canal, which is very intimate. The sound quality is also very good, and the sense of layering can be heard. This is really the gospel of sports enthusiasts.

Third paragraph: Shengmai Fitpods Bluetooth headset

Shengmai Fitpods supports IP54 waterproof and dustproof, and sweat and rain in exercise will not cause damage to it. During the Bluetooth headset call process, a hybrid active noise reduction technology was used. The two-way microphone inside and outside the internal and external microphones were used to pick up the internal and external environmental noise, and generated reverse sound waves and noise to offset each other. The depth of noise reduction reached -38dB. Clear. Its hybrid active noise reduction function will not hurt the ears. Outdoor listening is the best safety. The noise reduction effect is obvious in a messy environment, and it can obtain a good listening experience.

4th paragraph: JBL T280TWS X Bluetooth headset

If you want an excellent sound quality experience, you can see the JBL T280TWS X Bluetooth headset. On the basis of composite ergonomic design, it uses a unique wing earbuds, which expands the space of friction outside the space of the ear of the ear wheels. It can be worn and fit the ears. In addition, it uses a 6mm high -sensitivity driver unit to combine JBL's seven -meter -type sound cavity technology, allowing the headset to present the most wonderful details of the music, full and thick on the bass, balanced in the middle and treble, and experience in the middle, experience, and experience. The purest sound quality experience. It can also achieve a total of 21 hours of long battery life, and the headset warehouse also supports fast charging, which can maintain 1 hour of use in 15 minutes. If you want an excellent sound quality experience, you can choose this Bluetooth headset.

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