Bone -conducting sports headset ranking, 2022 sports bone conduction headset recommendation

Today, people's pursuit of healthy life is getting higher and higher, and running fitness has become a way of sports that many young people love. The bone -leaving headset is designed for the field of sports and fitness. In recent years, it has also attracted more and more consumers. Compared with traditional headphones, bone -conducting headphones can release their ears and bring users a more comfortable and safe experience experience, so they are welcomed by many professional sports enthusiasts! Now I recommend you a cost -effective bone headset.

1. NANK South Card Runner PRO3 Bone Transmission Sports Headphones

Recommended reason:

South Card Runner PRO3 is a bone -conducting headset. Because bone -passing headphones do not need to plug the ear, open -type listening songs, so do not block the ear canal during exercise, and sweating will not cause humidity or itching in the ear. At the same time, it is safer than the earlier of the ear because the ears cannot hear the environment.

It uses a light titanium alloy material skeleton, and is wrapped in a layer of high -tech low -sensitivity silicon glue material, which makes the inner layer of the headset strong, the surface of the surface is comfortable and comfortable, and it is long for a long time to avoid redness and allergies. The body design uses ergonomic design, which can also be perfectly taken into account for groups wearing glasses. It also supports IPX8 professional waterproof.

In terms of signal transmission, South Card Runner Pro3 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 decoding protocol, combined with AF full -shock -oriented vibrations to improve the transmission efficiency of sound, so you can get huge upgraded single charging on the battery life for 10 hours for 10 hours. Endurance. It is currently the longest battery life of bone -blending headphones.

2. Shaoyin AS800 Bone Chuan Headphones

Recommended reason:

Shaoyin Aeropex AS800 bone headphones that are in line with ergonomics, Shaoyin AS800 supports IP67 waterproof. Water vapor. Comfortable and stable wearing design, stable Bluetooth connection, and providing better sound quality performance for Shaoyin AS800.

3. Philips TAN6605 Bone Chuan Headphones

Recommended reason:

This bone conduction uses a rear -hanging ear -worn method. The internal internal use is titanium alloy skeleton, which is light and strong, and is stable enough to ensure the comfortable experience used during exercise. Supporting IPX5 waterproof, sweat and rain encountered in outdoor sports will not affect the headset. Compared with Bluetooth 4.2 version, it has a faster connection speed, lower power consumption, and more stable connection, and the experience of using naturally has further improved.

4. Ears Open Youou PEACE Bone Chuan Headphones

Recommended reason:

Earsopen You PEACE TW-1 is a bone conduction product developed by the Japanese bone conduction manufacturer BOCO Co., Ltd.. It adopts the current popular wireless style. Wear it in the middle, but there is no pain, and it has a strong stability effect. The design and wearing method of this real wireless headset is very novel. If you like real wireless, you can see this!

5. NANK South Card Runner CC2 Bone Chuan Headphones

Recommended reason:

South Card This Runner CC2 is aviation -grade, skin -friendly food -grade silicone, which is comfortable to wear. The fuselage can withstand many times, and there is no deformation. Subverting traditional headphones, bone conduction technology, passing the sound into the auditory nerves through the skull and jaw, and long -term wearing will not affect hearing.

The sound quality is great, because the built -in innovative Bluetooth 5.0 chip, with ceramic antenna and signal enhancement, receiving is more stable, even in the crowd, it will not be disturbed. The problem of leakage, as always, blessed NANK leakage elimination technology to effectively reduce the problem of leakage. Having waterproof performance, magnetic charging design, effectively avoids the penetration of rainwater, bringing good waterproof design. If you want to feel the headset black technology, you are suitable for starting this, which is cheap.

These bone conduction headphones are very good brands in the near future, and they are also very suitable for using sports type bone headphones. For long -term wearing headphones, protecting hearing, daily commuting or sports enthusiasts, the above models are very suitable.

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