The correct way to rest after exercise after exercise

Everyone knows that "warm -up exercise" before exercise allows the body to gradually enter the state of movement from a static state. Similarly, the "cold exercise" transforms the body from the state of movement into a static state adaptation process, which can prevent the athletes from falling quickly and affecting health. Let's take a look at it together.

What is cold exercise?

"Cold exercise", as the name suggests, is to transform the body from the state of movement to a static state adaptation process, so as to avoid the movement of the athlete's blood pressure too fast and affect health. If there is no "cold body", the strenuous exercise suddenly stops, and the human body may have a feeling of dizziness, nausea, and exhaustion, and severe cases may still faint. Whenever the exercise is over, the body needs to be transformed from the state of movement to a relatively static state, which requires cold exercise. Its importance is the same as warm -up, which is an indispensable part after exercise.

During fierce exercise, the blood circulation speeds up. If it stops suddenly, the blood is mainly in the blood vessels below the waist, which will cause blood pressure to decrease. In severe cases, the heart blood will cause the heart blood to cause coma or even death. Studies have shown that when the blood pressure decreases, a large amount of adrenaline will be secreted in the body, which will increase by 10 times at a maximum of 10, and adrenaline will shrink blood vessels, which will increase blood pressure. For some people, too much adrenaline secretion can cause heart poisoning and cause heart disease.

Therefore, cold exercise can be described as "protective umbrella" of the body. First of all, cold -body exercise can slow down the frequency of the pulse at a high speed to safe; second, cold body exercise can return a large amount of blood to the heart to ensure the blood supply of the brain; , Promote physical recovery.

How to do the cold exercise in ten minutes?

It is understood that the body is really calm after exercise. Usually it takes about an hour. It is best to gradually adjust the physical condition through a soothing cold exercise. Moreover, the full cold exercise of the system can effectively reduce the possibility of exercise damage.

The most common cold exercise, including jogging after strenuous exercise, fast walking after running, stretching gymnastics after strength exercises, etc. These exercise can maintain muscle enthusiasm and promote blood return.

It is important to note that in the cold exercise, you need to gradually slow down the movement until the body recovers calmness (the heart rate drops below 120 times/min). Although the movement is simple, it is necessary for the maintenance of the body. In addition, the "cold movement" only provides a gentle transition period for the body to weaken the adverse reaction of the body. Generally, it takes 5-10 minutes to make the body slowly through the "dangerous period" of adverse reactions.

In addition, within one hour of exercise, try not to eat, sleep, bath, etc., to avoid blood concentration in a certain part of the body, which will cause insufficient blood supply to the brain and adverse reactions.

During the exercise, more energy is consumed. To avoid symptoms of hypoglycemia, drinks or biscuits, chocolates, etc. can be carried with energy.

Pay attention to the correct way of rest after exercise.

1. If you do not squat and rest and fitness, you will squat down immediately after rest and rest, which will hinder blood flow from the lower limbs, affect blood circulation, and deepen the fatigue of the body. This situation is more common in those activities with a large amount of exercise, such as long -distance running. The correct approach is to do more relaxation and sorting activities after each exercise, such as slow behavior, relaxing legs, etc.

When sweating when you are not sweating (or swimming), the body surface is expanded, and the body's calories are distributed in large amounts. At this time, if cold water is encountered, the capillaries will cause sudden contraction of the capillaries, which will easily reduce the body's resistance and cause disease.

3. Do not "omit" organize the activity every time you feel lack of heart power after exercise, you should relax suitable, such as bare hands, walking, relaxation massage, etc., which will help eliminate muscle fatigue and quickly restore physical strength.

4. It will lose a lot of calories when not greedy for cold drinks, and it is inevitable that it is urgent. However, the human digestive system after exercise is still in a state of suppression. Greeting a lot of cold drinks can easily cause gastrointestinal spasm, diarrhea, vomiting, and easily induce gastrointestinal diseases.

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