Music excitement sports enthusiasm Shayin OpenRunPro speaks for sports

After a cat winter in winter, I did n’t eat less during the Spring Festival. I always wanted to lose weight to lose weight, and I could n’t make determination.

Seeing the efforts of the Chinese sports athletes in the Winter Olympics and the spirit of hard work, I made up my mind and started early.

Some people say that the determination is to keep relying on the update equipment to improve. I think this makes sense.

Because I have prepared new running shoes, and Shaoyin sports headphones

Shaoyin is a very well -known sports headphones brand in the world. I bought Shao Yin Aeropex Sports Headphones a long time ago

Yesterday, I released the new OpenRun Pro, but I did not expect that the sports territory is so huge now.

The release of OpenRun Pro has been based on some innovations in the fields of Shao Yin acoustic technology and other acoustic technology in the past ten years. With the comprehensive improvement of the four dimensions of sound quality, call, endurance, endurance, and comfort, the sound performance and call performance of the headset reached a new peak of professional sports headphones, becoming the flagship benchmarking product of the professional sports headset market, so that more users can enjoy The ultimate sports and music fun.

● OpenRun Pro uses SHOKZ TURBOPITCH ™ low -frequency enhancement technology, which is another breakthrough in Shao's own acoustic technology. Combined with bone conduction and the latest acoustic technology, OpenRun Pro once again improves the ceiling of open hearing and professional sports headphones.

● While the sound quality is greatly improved, the OpenRun Pro also uses a new double silicon microphone to adjust it to the golden position to better focus on the picker and get a better broadcast effect. The CVC algorithm is used for intelligent recognition, which greatly improves the clarity of voice calls.

● In order to improve the comfort of wearing, OPENRUN Pro combines the principles of ergonomic engineering to better allocate weight. Adopt high -back titanium alloy and skin -friendly silicone material to improve wearing comfort.

● OpenRun Pro further improves the battery life, 10 hours of battery life, and supports 10 days of long standby time. The new fast charging function can be used for 90 minutes charging for 5 minutes. Even in long -distance off -road competitions, CP points can quickly complete the battery charging, accompany users to play the entire game. The product is also equipped with its own APP, and users can easily operate.

It has been recognized by many media, industry associations and consumers, and brings extremely bright market performance to Shaoyin. According to authoritative consulting companies FROST & SULLLIVAN's research on the 2021 depth of the Chinese sports headset market, Shaoyin ranks first in the sales of the sports headset market.

Today, China is not imagined in the middle of the country regardless of economy, technology, and international status. A major highlight of the Winter Olympics is the display of Chinese technology. Shaoyin OpenRun Pro is the crystallization of Chinese technology. Shokz Shao Yin will also lead the development direction of the Chinese sports headset market in 2021 with the improvement of sound quality.

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