The secret of children's scientific movement-radish length and high movement

There is an old saying that it is said: spring is growing tall and long in autumn.

The child of our family has always been at a medium level, and I remembered that it increased the intensity of exercise in spring and pulled up.

However, people are not as good as heaven, this spring is really unusual.

Many people are sealed at home; even if they are not sealed, they have stopped like Beijing's offline get out of class. Outdoor, often encounter the special winds of spring in the northern spring, hey, a long sigh.

I am a sports residue myself. You let me take the baby effective exercise. It is really difficult to die. Essence Essence No matter, you can only turn on the treasure digging skills and find a reliable app to save the old mother.

Quietly, this is the most joyful app I have ever used, yes, it's my joy! I was paralyzed as I looked at the baby to be tired of myself, I was so happy to me!

In the simplest to say, this app is a private teaching to manage private teachings, understanding, developing, and psychological.

After the child's experience, and communicated with the person in charge of their product, you can summarize it as:

● There is a professional training system, especially for long -term

● Can customize the annual training plan, which is customized according to the actual situation of the baby

● Can accompany your child training, AI function is easy to use, and at the same time, mothers

● Can evaluate the effect of exercise, the incentive method baby likes it very much, and it is also very interesting

● It can give a staged evaluation, so that we have a cognitive level of the baby's physical fitness level

Compared with offline physical fitness lessons, the price of this is definitely too fragrant!

When used for the first time, it will allow you to enter the age, height, and weight of the baby's age, let you choose the daily exercise time every week, and then generate the exclusive exercise plan of the baby.

This is the child's sports plan, 6 times a week, two AI training, and four AI skipping movements.

After that, it officially started training, which can interact with AI.

I usually cast a screen, and then put the phone in the correct position in front of me. In this way, when you do action, it will score and correct you. Get the radish coin.

Let's take a look at this AI training first. It is a great exercise training. It is by no means playing. The child did it. After 40 minutes, I did not expect that he could stick to it.

First, warm up.

After two training+1 game, two more training+1 game.

Each training has two actions. First, the teacher demonstrated and learned movements; then, follow the teacher's 5 -minute continuous action. Here, there will be somatosensory AI scores, corrections, radish coins, and so on.

The action is not a fist and embroidered leg. It is really practical action. Several actions are the same as our taekwondo training.

For example, jump left and right.

Jump up.


Squatting left and right.

Open and closing jump.



Each training is over, and the baby is very excited.

No exaggeration, half of the children, the child was sweating. I took a minute to rest for a minute in the middle to massage his arms and legs, plus blowing the rainbow fart: "Oh my god, why are you so powerful, how can you persist?!"

The small games interspersed in the middle are also related to the movement of training. In fact, it is equivalent to a small rest. Let the baby change their brains.

After all training, there is a stretch, which is a very scientific sports design. (In the end, the clothes were taken off...)

Let's take a look at the AI ​​rope skipping movement. Generally, after a AI training, 1-2 AI skipping motion will be arranged. Otherwise, it will be AI training all day long.

This AI skipping is also somewhat. First, there is a warm -up, then divided into several groups, completed 300 skipping rope, and finally an stretch.

The child does not skip the rope, so we will jump with the action. We do n’t say anything else. It ’s really enough to exercise. Essence Essence

In addition to these daily customized training, if you feel that you are still addictive, you also want to put electricity to the baby. Don't worry, you can also play something else.

It has a game gallery and a video gallery.

The game museum is a variety of small games in intermittent training. You can open one casually and you can follow the exercise.

The video hall currently has stretching, knee knees and hips stretching, skating jumps with lower limb strength, and also demonstration of rope skipping entry demonstrations.

In short, whether it is in sports design or experience, the baby is playing with a huge happiness.

I also consult it for a while. Its name is "radish long and tall". Is there any difference from other sports during sports design?

They probably went with me a bit.

Different exercise is different from ordinary exercise. According to the baby's bone development, strict requirements for exercise types, exercise volume, and exercise intensity are needed.

A variety of stress methods of skeletal muscles on bones

In exercise, there are many different forms of stress on the skeletal muscle on the bones, such as compression stress, tensile stress, bending stress, twisting stress, and shear stress. Only vertical stress has a significant effect on the value -added of the growth board.

Sports such as stretching, jumping, and high shocks can increase the frequency of vertical stress on skeletal muscles on the bones, thereby promoting the proliferation of long osteenic cartilage cells, and then promoting height growth.

In the design, the radish is mainly based on the four categories: jumping, aerobic, power, and stretching. Each action has the corresponding effect:

The length of AI training is 40 minutes. Maintaining medium -intensity exercise can effectively promote the secretion of growth hormone and promote height growth. Moreover, the baby is not the same as adults. The tall curriculum designer of the radish is two big coffees. It fully applies the professional knowledge of children's movements. The actions for children are safe and effective.

Let's quickly summarize this app.

First, very convenient. In particular, the epidemic is urgently needed to give the baby an assistant to the baby. This can be used at any time and practiced efficiently. The frequency is quite sufficient a day, and the frequency is not done offline.

The benefits of exercise, we don't need to say more, not only to strengthen the body, but also exercise the quality of will and exercise more. It is always right.

Second, AI coaches are very intelligent, can interact in real time, full of fun, and will not be as boring as adult fitness apps.

There are also links such as surpassing self -challenge, somatosensory rope jumping challenges, and full network sports PK lists, as well as incentive systems. It can mobilize baby interest, cultivate baby sports habits, and let baby fall in love with sports.

Third, the provincial mother. People have customized the exercise plan. When you open the APP, you can paralyze aside. Seeing that the baby is tired of himself, the mood is really cool. Essence Essence

Fourth, the sports design is scientific. The entire exercise plan is divided into entry and master versions. The difficulty of training is from low and higher, and gradually increases. The training rhythm and action ratio are targeted.

Exercise is not a matter of overnight. It will really benefit for life since childhood.

Tip: The content of this article is for reference only, please refer to the consultation results of regular hospitals!