Radish length and tall exercise | How to grow taller girls

Long tall is a hot topic. Girls are also very hard on the road of growing up. What methods are suitable for girls? We need to understand several factors that affect children's growth

Affect the child height factors

It mainly helps girls grow high from three aspects: exercise, diet and sleep.

The girls who want to grow tall will hurry up!

The reason why exercise is an important position in promoting high schools is that the growth hormone secretion of the human body will increase significantly after exercise, and the growth hormone is directly related to children for children.

Exercise promotes the height through the changes in osteopalation, and there are several different forms of stress on the skeletal muscle on the bones:

Such as: pressure stress, tensile stress, bending stress, twisting stress, and shear stress. Only vertical stress has a significant effect on the value -added of long osteenic chondrocytes.

The movement of jumping is extremely suitable for young and children in the growth and development period.

It can also make the child's bones more well -proportioned and more flexible.

Not all exercise can promote high growth

The author Jiang Jingxiong and Teacher Huang Peng-Beijing Sports University jointly developed by the author of "Long Gao is no longer a dream"

The radish and high movement for children aged 7-12 years old children

Radish length and high movement-the whole process of real-life and private teaching experience

What are the problems of parents

1. Parents do not have time to accompany their children to exercise, and hope to find someone to supervise their children's exercise;

2. The child does not like sports, wants the baby to exercise autonomously, and wants the baby to develop a sports habit;

3. I want to control the weight and promote the height through exercise;

Radish length and high motion function 1. Professional scientific training system

2. Customize the annual training plan

3. Sports training with dolls

4. Evaluate exercise effect

5. Stage evaluation

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