Shaoyin OpenRunPro sports headset is really a strong partner for outdoor sports

In the past few days, spring flowers bloom, it is time to wake up the dormant body to exercise outdoors. Running, cycling, and hiking are my favorite outdoor sports. Facing the spring breeze and facing the fragrance of flowers, running in the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland, include this beautiful beauty. At this time, a suitable sports headset can add a lot of fun to running.

In early March, the world -renowned sports headset brand shokz Shao Yin released the 2022 flagship professional sports headset OpenRun Pro, the marathon world record holder runner Kipjog's endorsement, the powerful sports performance and superb sound quality, instantaneous instantaneous It attracted my attention.

Dog Dong placed an order 1298, and it arrived the next morning. Hurry up the box, put it out and run out. Now I will share with you the experience of the use of Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headphones. It is recommended by running great gods! I hope that this article can help everyone choose sports headphones.

The first is safety protection. From the experience of my running, "sports headphones must not be in ear or noise reduction. Danger! "Therefore, for the consideration of safety protection, I chose the OpenRun Pro sports headset created by Shaoyin around the concept of" open listening ". At the same time, you can also appreciate music. At this time, your ears still maintain a perception of the surrounding environment. Through the perception of environmental background sounds, the environmental changes are predicted in advance to avoid the danger of hearing cover and non -pay attention to blindness. Sports safety. In terms of security, the natural advantage of OpenRun Pro can be said to be the pinnacle of sports headphones.

The second is the sound quality of the music, the performance of the Shaoyin OpenRun Pro sports headset is unexpectedly wonderful! The new Turbopitch low -frequency enhancement technology, combined with the Corecushion low -frequency enhancement unit, to create a three -dimensional surround listening experience, bringing users a strong low -frequency output, rich details and full details and full details. The full -band sound is more suitable for playing a strong sports music. The running divine song "Two Steps from Hell" under the super low frequency output and details of OpenRun Pro, which fully reflects the shocking female voices and chorus and magnificent melody. It's not a step, but to conquer your dreams and conquer the world.

In terms of call performance, it is inevitable to answer the customer's telephone, leadership voice or something during the running process. OpenRun Pro's clear voice call performance is a full bonus. OpenRun Pro redesigned the voice call module, digital noise reduction function dual silicon microphone, the front start picking voice human voice, rear suppression of environmental noise and eliminating echo, intelligent recognition through the CVC algorithm, to achieve accurate voice of human voice and environment Background noise suppression, elimination and separation. After answering voice calls throughout the running process, OpenRun Pro's call clarity performance was very excellent, perfectly eliminating wind noise, I had to pant and noise on the road. The other party clearly heard my voice content very clearly.

Finally, talk about the basic quality of wearing comfort, stability, and waterproof battery life. OpenRun Pro maintains the performance of top sports headphones. OpenRun Pro Half -round Hanging Design will hardly fall off in running in running. Titanium alloy with memory characteristics is used as the weight of the body skeleton to distribute the earphones. Only 29 grams of light and sturdy fuselage exercises for a long time. Moreover, OpenRun Pro battery life is up to 10 hours, low power consumption for 10 days, supports 5V1A fast charging technology, charging for 5 minutes to play for 1.5 hours. Two -layer mesh structure and double nano -hydrophobic plating layer, block water invasion and isolation of water penetration, support IP55 waterproof standards, corresponding to daily rainwater and sweat.

After this month of use, I can no longer give up the OpenRun Pro. If you forget it every time you run, you will not wear OpenRun Pro, I will definitely run back to put it on it. It is recommended to endorse the magic. SHOKZ Shao Yin, as a native Chinese company, has successfully went to sea with the original model of technological innovation of open listening and bone conduction under the bottom of the bone conduction. There are more and more Chinese companies, Chinese brands, and Chinese products such as sound.

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