Sport exhibition style, come on to the future

In order to better implement the quality education requirements of Lide Shushu people and five education, and promote the implementation of the "double reduction" policy to take effect in the school. On April 29, the Sixth Student Games in Tianzhuang Primary School in Hai'an High -tech Zone, Jiangsu.

Bad the golden sunshine, accompanied by the exciting "Athletes", the 12 representative teams in the school took a strong step and entered the venue full of spirit. Later, the principal Zhang Yuanjun announced the opening of the Games. He explained to all teachers and students the substantial significance of holding the school in the school and put forward new hope. The referee representatives and athlete representatives also vowed to the conference solemnly.

The sports meeting first was a martial arts competition in the class. In the sun, the vigorous face, one by one, constitutes a beautiful scenery on the campus. Lark slogans and tall figures, highlighting the vitality of life.

The second part of the sports meeting is a track and field match, and each athlete shows his own sports talent and sports skills. On the runway, the sprint athletes rushed to the end of the arrows of the string; the jumping athletes were as powerful as an eagle, sprinting with a new height; skipping athletes were as light as swallows and bouncing like flying; It caused the scene to be amazed. The tug of war made the entire sports climax. The shouts of the teachers were high, and the students' cheering was higher than that of the waves. The scene was really exciting. Everyone is immersed in a tense and warm atmosphere, experiencing the passion and happiness of sports competition.

This sports meeting is not only a continuation of sports spirit, but also the exploration of "double reduction" sports work. The successful holding of this school game is a great review of the spiritual appearance and comprehensive quality of the school's teachers and students. The students felt the happiness of physical exercise in the activity, strong body, tempering their will, cultivating collective concepts, and showing the spiritual style of struggling.

Photo: Tianzhuang Primary School, Hai'an High -tech Zone, Jiangsu

Responsible editor: Cui Honglin

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